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  1. TheSadeianLinguist

    USB Mini Fridge

    I want this thing.
  2. TheSadeianLinguist

    NY folks - Throwing Out a Feeler for Waxwing

    She needs a place to crash for an interview on the 20th and 21st in Manhattan. Any takers?
  3. TheSadeianLinguist

    Nah, Not Dead

    Mostly been busy with work. Had a brief period with interesting, dramatic twists and turns, but back for good, so, hey! :) I'll go through my PMs in a bit. I promise!
  4. TheSadeianLinguist

    The Vegetable Thread

    The older I get, the more I love vegetables. At the grocery store yesterday, I picked up artichokes and zucchini. :eat2: This week I plan on stir-frying with a little sweet and sour sauce and chicken breast with the zucchini, and having the artichoke maybe with some burritos or barbequed...
  5. TheSadeianLinguist

    Foods You Won't Try

    Is it close-minded? Yes. But they look vile, revolting, awful. What WON'T you try? I will not eat, now or ever, under any circumstances: Swedish meatballs. They look like balls of cat vomit topped with cat diarrhea. They SMELL like cat vomit topped with cat diarrhea. I am not...
  6. TheSadeianLinguist

    Lohan: Disney's Party Girl Turned Chubster?

    Despite being an unpleasant bitch, Lindsay has her interesting points, like her ever-changing bod. The formerly coke-crazed frenzied party bitch we've all grown to love: Gross, right? And what's up with the blue shoes and red dress? And the mosquito bite boobs? And I'm just...
  7. TheSadeianLinguist

    Grocery Savings!

    So, in the short time I've lived with Ryan, I've learned a few things about saving money. Given, I'm cheap. I admit it. I like good food though. And let's face it; most of us on Dim love food, but like saving. Add your tips because I'm interested in learning more! A few Ryan and I have...
  8. TheSadeianLinguist

    This is the Most Beautiful Thing Ever Written

    This was written by a 17 y/o on MySpace, and I'll be damned if this didn't stun me:
  9. TheSadeianLinguist

    Dinner for One

    Has anyone else got a food that their S/O's and family and friends don't have the same appreciation for? My list of food I miss because I refuse to eat 'em alone since moving here: pizza with mushrooms hot wings spicy fried chicken mushrooms in general :eat2:
  10. TheSadeianLinguist


    Before there was Diet Coke, there was Tab. When I was between ages 1 and 3, I was forever drinking it and Diet Pepsi. (Not advising you to do this, parents.) However, lucky me, while picking up stuff at the store, what do I see but delicious Tab in a six pack? It's no longer made with...
  11. TheSadeianLinguist

    New Years' Resolutions

    Anyone actually resolving to change this year? Myself: Drinking 30 oz. or less of soda per day. That's it. I'll stick to what I can. :P
  12. TheSadeianLinguist

    I Owe Sandie Zitkus a HUGE Thanks

    Had it not been for her insatisiable lust for pictures of boy ass, as it began in her thread for the boys' pics, I would not be spending Christmas with Ryan. :D Thanks again, you beautiful, groovy woman.
  13. TheSadeianLinguist

    Happy Birthday, Vickie!

    Hope you're having a great one!
  14. TheSadeianLinguist


    No, Ryan and I didn't break up. However, after being badgered to death by friends and family, we've come to the conclusion it's best I fly out Saturday. If I've learned anything about Dimensions people, it's how kind and giving they are of themselves, especially Jane, Misty, Tina, JoyJoy...
  15. TheSadeianLinguist

    My Schedule for the Next Few Days

    Okay, I'm still a little sick and tired, so I won't be (read, my mother isn't letting her adult kid) leave until Sunday. :p I'll probably stop and see JoyJoy and Saucy, and permitting I'm lively, drive on to see Misty and Jane. Then a couple days before I see Tina and Missaf (although not in...
  16. TheSadeianLinguist

    Sucralose: Sugar Substitute of the Devil?

    I'm about the only person on earth who hates this stuff I think. I get GUT WRENCHING tummy issues from it, even when I can't taste it. (Usually can.) To boot, it's in everything. So, how's everyone else feel about it? Love it? Hate it? Neutral?
  17. TheSadeianLinguist

    An Idea for More Paying Members

    Perhaps we could have some sort of raffle... All noobs who join get a chance to win, say, an extra free month in the Clubhouse? Or a picture of Conrad's nipples in clown make-up? (Shit, I'll pay $30 right now to see that for no real reason.) Maybe a signed copy of the print magazine? Anyone...
  18. TheSadeianLinguist

    Doctoring Up Ramens?

    I love Ramens, but I prefer to doctor them a bit. This evening I made some with cabbage, cayenne pepper, carrots, and an egg in the chicken flavor. Anyone else have any other methods?
  19. TheSadeianLinguist

    We Have a Home!

    Ryan and I have an apartment! Yay! We're soooooooo lucky; it's the price of a one bedroom, but has a den. I'm so excited right now I can barely speak!
  20. TheSadeianLinguist

    Exercise Addiction is Healthy! Really!

    From The Times Online: The trainers in LA all come with their own trademark nutritional advice. There was a slight atmosphere when talking to Barry and the co-owner of Barry’s Boot Camp, Rachel Mumford, about the evils of complex carbohydrates. Mumford is in her late thirties, with three kids...