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  1. Lear

    Gaining Challenge

    This is just a preliminary thread seeing if there is interest and maybe to work out the challenge. So on my various social media sites i'm seeing weight loss challenges and that got me thinking about the folks here and i wondered if you all would be interested in doing something like that. If...
  2. Lear

    not so "Skinny"

    I found a video titled "skinny" on youtube this morning that seems to fit this place perfectly "Skinny"
  3. Lear

    finding new threads

    I'm sure all of the bbws and bhms here have had trouble finding clothes at some point. so out of curiosity, where are some good places to shop. I've been shopping at walmart and K mart, but the local places get up to about a 50" waist and 4X before giving out and I know sears has stuff...