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  1. Agent 007

    Happy birthday, Jes

    Congratulations. Have a wonderful day!
  2. Agent 007

    Agadbam: India's Norbit?

    Oh great, yet another fat-suit movie! The producer, who also plays the main character, even admits that she was inspired by the movie Norbit. "At a time when obesity is on the rise in our country, Trupti Bhoir comes up with a unique theme through her latest film 'Agadbam'. Aptly titled, the...
  3. Agent 007

    SMDO: Dutch size acceptance foundation

    Today I would like to announce what I think will be the first step towards more size acceptance in the Netherlands: the creation of Stichting Meldpunt Discriminatie Overgewicht (roughly translated: Reporting Point for Obesity Discrimination Foundation). SMDO’s aims read as follows: “We...
  4. Agent 007

    Indian man burns wife to death for being fat

    WHAT THE F-? From the article: "At the same time, he and his family constantly abused Maheswari, 26, who could not stop putting on weight and had grown to 140kg when she was murdered, the police said. Kumar...