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  1. Esther

    Terrible Photos Thread

    Amaranthine's Halloween photo made me laugh right out loud. Can we do this, please? A whole thread of lolworthy horrible photos of ourselves? Awkward situations, bad faces, worst outfits, terrible lighting, blinking... everyone has these. I will 100% contribute to this if others do too.
  2. Esther

    'Hipsters of Size'

    A friend of mine mentioned that she rarely ever sees fat "hipster" type guys (you know... trendy, scruffy, scarf-wearing in all weather, often very pretentious...). I, having developed quite an eye for this elusive cutie, went on a googling spree to prove her wrong. It turns out that someone has...
  3. Esther

    Jay Leno with Seth Rogen AND Guy Fieri?!

    What are the chances? Seth comes in toward the end!
  4. Esther

    The Happy Thread!

    Please humour me, I'm so down in the dumps I could cry any second. Let's post about what makes us HAPPY. Anything you love, anything you like, or even anything you mildly enjoy. Please tell me about it. Go!! If you play, I'll play too!
  5. Esther

    Post a slightly outdated photo!

    Again... because I'm nosy. :) We have the baby pictures thread... but what I'm more interested in here is seeing photos from a few years ago, maybe when you had a different haircut/colour, fewer tattoos or piercings, went through a certain phase... If you all play, I'll play too!!
  6. Esther

    BHM/FFA in literature

    So! I was pleasantly surprised recently to discover some serious BHM/FFA action going on in a novel I'm currently reading. (Which has made it very difficult for me to put down ;)) I gotta ask, since this is the very first time I've ever found anything like this inadvertantly - has anybody else...
  7. Esther

    Vegetarian/Vegan recipes?

    Hey! I follow a mostly vegetarian diet (with seafood once or twice a month) simply because I have a hard time digesting meat products without feeling really horrible. I can handle milk products for the most part, though, and eggs are fine. I was wondering if anybody here has any good...
  8. Esther

    Post 5 random facts about yourself!

    Because I'm nosy, and I demand it! But seriously... I feel like I'm on a complete stranger basis with everybody. Humour me, (with a u) and play along to help me get to know you. (And to help others get to know you.) It's a fun game anyway! The facts can be anything! I will play too. GO!!
  9. Esther

    Celebrity crushes.

    The Big Lebowski thread inspired this. I'm sure it's been done before, but I don't see a board close by, so let's go! Just post your all time favourite celebrity crushes.
  10. Esther


    Hi, I'm new. I creeped this forum for a few days, and it seemed like a lot of fun, so I figured I ought to join in. I'm sure you can imagine, I'm a fan of big handsome men. I kind of always really knew, but I've really begun to embrace this in the past couple of years. I'm the kind of girl that...