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  1. OriginalCyn

    "Big Angel": A J-Pop Girl Group who are chubby-cute
  2. OriginalCyn

    The not-so-broad broad claims that Britain's "big butts" are a national disgrace

    I wonder whether she's ever visited the USA. And, if she were to do so, would she be so shocked that it might shut her up? I'm glad that she's across The Pond, because I have to say that if someone went around insulting people using a megaphone like that HERE...well... I would SIT ON HER...
  3. OriginalCyn

    El Torrito rocks!

    I just got an ad in the mail from El Torrito Restaurant that pleased me to no end. I can't afford to go out to eat as much as I used to back in the day, but when I did go there, I always liked their Grande Platter, because it had so much food. Well, they've just introduced a new "all you can...
  4. OriginalCyn

    Anyone else getting the M.i.B. catalog?

    I've gotten two or three so far, and what I really like about them is that they don't use regular-sized models for their lines--they use women who appear to be at least a size 18...and most are much, much larger. (I think M.i.B. might stand for Making It Big, but I'm not sure about that.) Their...
  5. OriginalCyn

    Has anyone seen the film, "Disfigured"?

    It's viewable for free at Hulu.Com . It explores many aspects of size activism, body image issues, bariatric surgery, sexual relations, etc., and I found it to be a worthwhile way to spend an hour and a half of ones entertainment time. In the opening few minutes, one actress described being...
  6. OriginalCyn

    My very first solo art exhibit (YAAAAY!)

    Sorry, guys 'n' gals, but this isn't fat-related. Except that the artist herself is a "heavyweight" (if not in "the art world," then literally). Anyhoo... The nice lady who curates the Belmont Arts Council's gallery has given me the honor of having a month-long show at her venue. Most of...
  7. OriginalCyn

    No matter how unrelated the topic, SOME will bring it around to bashing fat chicks

    What follows is a portion of a letter written in response to the "Bad/Selfish Older Men Who Dump Older Women Who Cannot Make Babies For Them and Then Take Up With Fertile Young Chickies" article at Salon.Com. (Incidentally, that article generated, so far, almost 40 pages of letters...but the...
  8. OriginalCyn

    Maybe there's a glimmer of hope after all?

    Yahoo has got a new thing called "Yahoo Answers," and it's become my latest Internet "addiction." First off, if you want to see just HOW eye-rollingly stupid and semi-literate and unquestioningly devoted to "their side" of the religio-political spectrum that the majority of populace has...
  9. OriginalCyn

    Congrats, Josh Max!

    I see that you have a front-page article in today's Salon.Com.
  10. OriginalCyn

    The look of LE vs. the look of extreme obesity

    To summarize: 1-Over the years, I've seen photos and illustrations of 300+ and 400+ pound women on this and other sites and in print, along with comments by FAs as to how attractive these women's physiques are. OK--so far, so good. 2-Then, a bit over two years ago, I developed one or more...
  11. OriginalCyn

    New food review posted today on my blog here

    The category is CANDY
  12. OriginalCyn

    A very tiny "fat goddess fetish"

    I don't usually do figurative ceramic items, but maybe I'll start now. My instructor asked his students to each contribute a small (<2") "fetish" for a conceptual art project that he's working on. It wasn't easy doing something that's so small! I'm posting the photo here because I know that...
  13. OriginalCyn

    Usually-Hip, San Francisco Columnist Grouses about Red State Fatties

    My response is too long to post here, so here's a link to my blog (also, embedded within that page, is a link to his original article):