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  1. stan_der_man

    The "Kermit Project"...

    Take a look at definition #3 for "kermit" - Definition: "A guy who likes fat women and knows how to treat them with respect." Usage: "Only a true kermit would go out of his way to find a comfortable chair for his fat girlfriend." Click...
  2. stan_der_man

    The Heavy Duty Hardware and Construction thread...

    This is a subject SocialBFly and I discussed a while back which I thought would be a good topic of discussion for all large sized folks and the people who admire them... How to reinforce and fabricate household items, furniture, beds, or anything else that needed to support the weight of a...
  3. stan_der_man

    Have you ever been ID'd as a FA (m/f)?

    I'm curious if any of you, male or female have had this happen to you... Just the other day my wife and I were out with our daughter at a local park upon which this relatively large sized woman with her child also arrived at the park. Her daughter and our daughter began playing together and at...
  4. stan_der_man

    Happy Birthday Lina!

    Lina Lina bo bina, da queen-a San Franciscina... For FAs their best dreama, a cool girl, a real screama... So much for my song writing and poetry skills I suppose... ;) May you have the best of days Lina! I look forward to a fun weekend with you and the SF crew! :) :) :)
  5. stan_der_man

    High fructose corn syrup vs. Sugar?

    I'm curious... Does anybody else have issues with fructose? I hear over and over again that fructose and sugar are basically the same, but foods or drinks with fructose or corn syrup just don't agree with me but I seem to be able to handle sugar. I've long ago had to give up sodas because most...
  6. stan_der_man

    Happy Birthday Sweet&Fat!

    Happy Birthday Sweet&Fat! May you have the most artistic of birthdays!
  7. stan_der_man

    A Universal Symbol for FAs?

    Taking from James' past thread... A universal symbol for Fat Acceptance What do you think of the idea of a universal symbol for FAs? Perhaps the same symbol with specific colours to designate the FA's gender or gender preference? I'd like to hear your ideas!
  8. stan_der_man

    Random FA (m/f) confessions...

    I'll admit to taking this idea from the other "Random Confessions" threads, but I thought it would be fun to hear FA (m/f) specific confessions. Here goes mine... IC - I've always considered it a sign of good luck to see a fat girl during the course of a day.
  9. stan_der_man

    So what duya think about a possible "Newbie Board"... Hmmmm?

    Create a "Newbie Board"? Mmmkay.... So, I've been getting these subliminal vibes lately that maybe I oughta resurrect the idea of a “Newcomer’s Board” or “New to Dimensions”, or “Newbie Board” or whatever it shall be called… These recent developments have piqued my morbid curiosity insofar as...
  10. stan_der_man

    The California Chronicles

    I got this idea for a new thread from a conversation Tania and I were having on another thread and from past conversations where Risible and I (and the other SoCal folks) have "waxed nostalgic" about growing up in California...
  11. stan_der_man

    Puppy umbilical hernia?

    I'm wondering if anybody has ever treated a puppy with an umbilical hernia? What do we need to watch out for? How much might it cost to have it fixed? Is there a risk of intestinal strangulation...? Mtmaiden and I were playing with her new Shih Tzu puppy this evening and noticed a very distinct...
  12. stan_der_man

    A detriment or a benefit to fat acceptance?

    This is my first attempt at creating a poll, so forgive me if I totally screw this up... :blush: This poll is not a critique of these artists works, but more a question about what sort of perception images like these might convey to the "general public" about what Fat Acceptance represents...
  13. stan_der_man

    The History of Christmas Potatos & Holiday Avatars!

    * I dedicate this thread to our very own Buffie and Risible, to whom you may credit my inspiration * For those of who wish to participate in a modern day tribute of the Christmas Potato, simply email me a picture of your face and I will create a customized simulation of the famous Christmas...
  14. stan_der_man

    The fat girl lifting crew... (a dumb idea?)

    Perhaps this is a dumb idea, but I've been wondering about the possibility of doing this... I've always thought it would be fun to get a group of guys together and develop a technique to lift a heavy person, I think it's entirely possible. I would think, if you get 6 or 8 guys together the...
  15. stan_der_man

    Scan your face...

    The premise of this thread is very simple. Scan your face or other body parts. Basically all you have to do is stick your face (or other body part) into a scanner, push the button and post it. (Yes... there will be some other steps involved depending on the brand of scanner you are using...
  16. stan_der_man

    Happy Birthday Mtmaiden & Junior!

    Wishing the two special girls in my life a Happy Birthday!
  17. stan_der_man

    Hey Nagal... your pms are maxed!

    I don't care what everybody says Nagel, I think meeting you will be an interesting experience! ;) So... ah... what do you prefer...? With oil: Or, creamy: P.S. I'm not putting any women's products on my salad...
  18. stan_der_man

    Men without pants

    Or kilt envy... A thread in the Lounge (hi Sandie... ;) ) reminded me of something I discovered back when I was in college. There is a company I heard about that made kilts. Not truly Scotish kilts but generic kilts of all sorts. I've always...
  19. stan_der_man

    Free Analog to Digital TV Converter Coupons

    Here's something interesting I just discovered... As many of you know (or will soon find out...) television stations in the U.S. are going to be converting to digital transmissions as of Feburary 2009. Your old analog televisions will no longer work. Here is a link to a federally sponsored...
  20. stan_der_man

    FA Roll Call. Would you like to form a FA special interest group?

    Tossing this out here. Are you a FA and would you be interested in starting some sort of FA discussion group here? Just floating the idea at this point, nothing specific yet. I'll definitely follow up soon and post more. I'm curious about the numbers of FAs interested and your gender...