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  1. room4dessert

    BBW Transitions (WG)

    Great read so far!
  2. room4dessert

    R.I.P. Gabriela Cordoza

    Sad news, what a beautiful person. Any further info on this?
  3. room4dessert

    BBW Sisters

    I'm really freaking out over the fact that as previously mentioned I have a lot in common with your stories, add a very late Juky birthday to the list as well. The story is excellent !!!
  4. room4dessert

    BBW Sisters

    Amazing man, as always. I love that almost all of your stories occur in areas that I have spent time at. Refreshing memories.
  5. room4dessert

    John Pinette has passed.

    I'm sad what a nice and funny man!
  6. room4dessert

    Fattening Teacher

    I dropped some hints to the moderator on how to find it, maybe you will get lucky :-)