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  1. ALS Again

    BHM An Unexpected Realization

    Greetings! This story originally began as an adoption of the unfinished work "Black Magic." However, after I began writing, I realized that I was unhappy with the direction my part of the story was headed, so I decided to edit and adjust the story. "An Unexpected Realization" is the result...
  2. ALS Again

    BHM Preference

    ~BHM, Magic, WG “I’m gonna grab some Coke Zero,” Alexi mumbled, stalking away from his girlfriend. He wandered down the grocery store aisles, his tall form slightly slouched and his hands in his pockets. A few moments later, his eyes fell upon several cases of Coke Zero that were awaiting to be...
  3. ALS Again

    BHM Preference (BHM, WG, Magic)

    This story is somewhat of a "revamp" to Black Magic. I feel like the relationship between both characters seems trite, but I figured that I'd give a relationship story another shot. Let me know your thoughts. :) ~*~~*~ Preference by ALS Again “I’m gonna grab some Coke Zero,” Alexi mumbled...