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  1. xxeell

    Interesting comic book :)

    First of all, hello everyone its been a long time since I posted anything :), So... I'm a big ol' nerd and as a nerd I buy comic books pretty often. When it comes to comics, books, TV shows, and movies; I often search for overweight characters cuz I like the representation. I read a lot if...
  2. xxeell

    True Life FFA

    So I was watching the show True Life on MTV the other day and I got to thinking they should make a true life episode about FFA's. Alot of people don't even know FFA's exist I didn't for a long time. What do ya'll think? P.S. I'd like to meet one. Someone hit me up haha :p
  3. xxeell

    Big College Decision!

    Well I have decided to go back to college, but I don't know which one. ENMU or UNM. ENMU is closer to home and UNM is a bigger school. I have no idea which one to go to so.... ya'll know any FFA at either college haha???
  4. xxeell

    Wisconsin? Really?

    Well I just finished watching "The Cleveland Show" and according to the show, Wisconsin is the place to go for BHMs. If someone can prove this correct or incorrect that'd be kool. I also thought, if true, all the FFAs would be interested ;].
  5. xxeell

    BHM on the bottom, BHM in the middle, BHM on top All you FFA out there will like this haha
  6. xxeell

    Take Place InCollege

    There's a couple stories I've read where the main characters are in college. Though I like alot other stories, the ones that tale place in College always speak to me more. I think because I can relate to them more, but anyways I've read some, but was wondering if there were any others I've...
  7. xxeell


    Anyone else seen the commercial for the new show about to premiere on ABC Family called "HUGE?" By simply hearing the name you can tell it's full of BHMs and BBWs. I think its gonna be a good and plan on watching it what do you guys think?
  8. xxeell

    Sumo story?

    Has anyone ever written or thought about writing a BHM/FFA sumo story? I think it could really good.
  9. xxeell

    A different Blob

    In the movie X Men Origins: Wolverine the Blob was played by Kevin Durand. Basically, he was a skinny guy in a fat guy disguise. I would preferred seeing Ron Lester play the Blob had he not lost all that weight do surgery. So I was wondering who would the people of Dims rather had seen play...
  10. xxeell

    Anyone know?

    Does anyone know of any BHM Porn sites, I know there's "Fun with Andy" and "The Minion" but does anybody know of any others?
  11. xxeell

    The Freshman 15 haha Check this out
  12. xxeell

    Does size or weight affect drinking ability?

    Hello everyone, I've recently been attending a few parties. As some of you may know there's always some kind of alcohol. I like to drink every now and then so I start pouring me a few drinks. I have noticed recently that, I don't drink very often, but it always takes me a great amount to get...
  13. xxeell

    BHM Double Date by xxeell (~BHM/~FFA, ~Romance, ~Sex )

    ~BHM/~FFA, ~Romance, ~Sex - Two twin BHMs, who are different in both personality and looks, go out on a double date with two FFAs who are best friends, but are equally different. Double Date By xxeell Part One Amber was in a hurry. All she wanted was to get home to her apartment...