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  1. babyjeep21


    :D Just wanted to share! :D
  2. babyjeep21

    Wedding Pictures!

    We have over 900 pictures to go through! These are a few from friends' cameras. It's gonna be a few weeks till we have the professional ones. Some people said they wanted to see them, so here they are!
  3. babyjeep21

    Happy Birthday Esme!!!!

  4. babyjeep21


    After spending last week with Carla, Phil, and Melissa (I got to see Berna too!) I returned home yesterday afternoon. :smitten::smitten: Joe proposed to me when I got off the plane and I said yes! :smitten::smitten: Anyway, I just had to pop on here and let everyone know! :wubu: -Andrea
  5. babyjeep21

    Play a Fun Game and Help People at the Same Time!

    I have a new addiction! It's a game that can be found at It's a vocabulary game. For every word you get right, they donate rice to the UN in an attempt to fight world hunger. My best friend is a 5th grade teacher and heard about this. She has her class playing...
  6. babyjeep21

    I Love Craigslist....

    I love craigslist mostly because it supplies me with an endless supply of laughter... That, and the fact that I love to look at old historic homes and it allows me to do that when I'm procrastinating. Here's a funny that was found today...
  7. babyjeep21

    Happy Birthday Bigsexy920!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERNA!!! I LOVE YOU AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND!!!!! :wubu: :p :wubu: :p :wubu: :p :wubu: :p :wubu: :p
  8. babyjeep21

    Single AND Fabulous!

    I've been thinking... The singles thread is a place where we can declare ourselves single, happy, unhappy, lonely, social/friendly, content...etc. Most of the posts I read are from people who often declare their unhappiness with being single. They want to know why they can't just find...
  9. babyjeep21


    SIGHTING!!! Beware! This weekend the notorious Bigsquash was spotted in northern New Jersey. Never before has this magnificent creature been caught on film while venturing from it's natural habitat. Clearly, she was caught off guard and startled as the photographer snapped a brief picture...
  10. babyjeep21

    The Best Freudian Slips

    I was talking to the lovely Mimi today (she's normally in chat and not on the boards)... And she complimented me by saying that I was an old soul. I responded by trying to say that I've often been told that I'm "wise beyond my years"... Accidentally, the statement I uttered was "I'm WIDE...
  11. babyjeep21

    Humorous Eating Tips for The Holidays :-)

    A good friend of mine sent this to me. I just had to share! ;) Eating Tips for The Holidays 1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Holiday spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where...
  12. babyjeep21

    Models: Looking Happier and Healthier

    I know that we've seen quite a few articles on models and the ongoing argument on their weight and body mass. I've looked around the board and haven't seen this particular article posted. I thought it was worth a look, as I rather enjoyed it. The comparison between the healthy-looking model...