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  1. sarahe543

    Navel piercings for fatties

    Here I've had this YEARS. I'd be sad to get rid of the piercing so tell me are any of you over 200lb still with a navel piercing. Photo added for attention seeking lol. Its sometimes a bit tender its getting used to being stretched.:)
  2. sarahe543


    I'm thinking about trying to get to 200lb to see how it feels and how it works for me. Currently 170 so 30lb doesn't sound a great deal, but I've gone from size 10 to 16 with the previous 30lb gain, so I think it would make a lot of difference appearance wise. With the weight has already come...
  3. sarahe543

    The camera never lies? Hmmm.

    Some clothes cover the fat but for how long? This is so tight around the 'waist' I've hitched that part up over the belly. This makes me feel like I'm hiding something
  4. sarahe543

    Enjoyment of eating in secret?

    Anyone else do this? I sometimes just get really excited about having something really indulgent to eat in secret. Most of the things I think about are creamy like cream cakes, cheesecake, tiramisu that kind of thing. When I actually Do it it's such a buzz. I'm already thinking about what to...
  5. sarahe543

    Changes due to gaining

    I've gained 30lb. From 140 to 170. I've noticed that I get out of breath easier and quicker than when I was smaller. If not totally out of breath I'm ending up huffing and puffing when I cycle up hills that used to be easy. Is this just what I have to expect now? Already noticing that I carry...
  6. sarahe543

    Where do you gain weight most?

    Mines all going on my belly. My hips and chest are about the same as when I was 140lb. Now 165lb.
  7. sarahe543

    in UK? 'Next' online sale mens clothing.

    Next starts its online sale soon I looked at the preview and there are a lot of 2, 3 and 4xl mens shirts, tops, sweaters and jackets in the sale at least half price :) think the sale begins tomorrow ..xmas eve.
  8. sarahe543

    Gout - experiences please?

    Hi i my partner has gout. Besides the meds can anyone share their experiences with me? I know there are certain foods and dr5inks he avoids already. I hate to think of him being in pain :(
  9. sarahe543

    My first BHM poem...

    *does not have a title* More to follow but more erotic in nature. Hold me Push up against me Any way you do it we fit so closely. Soft warm flesh Giving in to your desires Not holding back Gently, softly, touching me lightly. The lightness of your touch betrays your size. More...
  10. sarahe543

    Why is it SO difficult?

    Men tell me, or other women tell me your experience. SHow interest in cuddly men and they have to come out with all the usual crap about 'oh but i am trying to lose weight blah blah. like you would have bothered looking at them in the first place. Even the admittedly gorgeous guy i last dated...