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    sexy lingerie

    Hi I want to buy some erotic outfit for my wife but can't find much online. Her body shape is fairly small breasts, big round belly, curvy ass. Really she is almost slim all over except her fat tummy. All the items I've seen locally or online aim to pump up the breasts and hide her belly but...
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    BOTH Vignettes from a fat world - BBW (mult.), BHM (mult.), WG

    Author's note. In a parallel universe society appreciates a fuller figure; fat is celebrated as the ideal. There are no inhibitions on body image, so much so that people often go around with only underwear in the street, at work, or strip off in front of strangers, or on a train. Food and eating...
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    Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)

    Seasonal Expansion by Ssaylleb The Thanksgiving spread beckoned, the dining table stoutly bearing the massive load of food ready to be devoured. The hostess, Emily, smiled as she heard her son’s SUV pull up outside. At 245 lbs she knew she was beyond plump, but she carried the weight well...
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    BHM The check up. ~BHM, ~~WG, teasing

    A quick vignette here. A routine check up for a yuppie on the rise turns into much more. The check up by Ssaylleb The throaty roar of a powerful engine outside disturbs the peace of my workspace. Looking out of my clinic window I see a black Porsche Boxster race past and turn into the...
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    Happy New Year!

    Here's a quick one I wrote today. While preparing our NYE party at one point I looked at all the food we had out and wondered... well here goes. Wish you all a 2015 filled with health and happiness, and above all much food! Franny looked round the room and nodded happily to herself. The...
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    BOTH The Biographer - ~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG

    A writer finds a new job will change his life 15th November 2014 I pulled up to the gate and rang the doorbell. The estate was so huge that all I could see inside the gate were trees. The house was not visible at all. “Yes Sir?” a polite voice from the intercom called my attention...
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    BOTH Conference in Zurich ~BBW ~BHM ~~WG

    ~BHM, ~BBW, ~WG Conference in Zurich By Ssaylleb Two former colleagues meet up to find that life has treated them both expansively. Chapter 1 Daniel stood in line patiently, wishing those before him would get a move on. The conference in Zurich had so far been a complete waste of time...
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    BOTH Route 66 - BHM, BBW, WG

    ~BHM ~BBW ~~WG A man follows his dream to find it exceeds his expectations. Route 66 by SSaylleb I've had this running round my mind a long time, so glad to put it down in writing. It started off in my mind as a guy-gaining story but somehow my leading ladies always seem to gain too :)...
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    BOTH Christmas at his mum (BBW, BHM, SWG, Christmas)

    Author's note: Well it's that time of year and here's a quickie to warm your hearts. Part 2 will follow by Christmas day. John took the last exit off the highway, they would be there in half an hour. Sandy yawned and reached for another chocolate-covered peanut only for her fingers to...
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    BHM Winning over her boss (BHM SWG, encouragement)

    Jack settled back at his desk. That had been a nice lunch he reflected, another great lunch with his great team. He ignored the pressure of his waistband against his stuffed belly and opened a spreadsheet. He looked at it, his enthusiasm for working quickly shifting from low to non-existent. He...
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    Artist compares 'average' shape of men around world Interesting that only Japan has an average BMI below 25! Further proof that these arbitrary figures have no basis despite all the attention they get
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    Global fat scale

    Came across an interesting page on the BBC Basically enter your stats & country and it gives you a broad comparison across the world. For instance I am relatively light for my age/gender in my own country (70% are fatter than me). However...
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    A couple at the pool

    Author's note: Unlike my recent storie, this one is short and sweet. I don’t plan to continue it so you’ll just have to use your imagination to take it beyond my ending. Let’s get the cast of out of the way immediately: The Emms Matt – main character Mary - Matt’s mum Martina - Matt’s...
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    Summer Daze - BBW (mult), SWG

    Author's note: A fantasy i've had running round my head for a while. Clearly inspired by the fabulous epic Rebecca's Grandma. Hot summer days of lazing and stuffing see a couple of college chicks round out a friendship Chapter 1 – School's out Mandy stood up from her seat on the train and...
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    After Police Academy

    ~BBW~BHM, eating, ~MWG - Recently appointed to the policeforce, two people find that the pace slows down and fat comes a-knocking. After Police Academy by Ssaylleb To resounding clapping and cheering the police graduation ceremony came to an end, unleashing a crop of fresh police officers...
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    Colleague weight gain

    There's a woman at work who's been gaining weight slowly but surely. The story starts about 4 years ago when I joined the company. Hannah and Michaela are sisters, Michaela is maybe a year older than Hannah and both are skinny women, about 5' 4". Long shiny black hair frame very pretty faces...
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    Story of Gus on a cruise?

    hi all I remember a story posted here about a guy who I think breaks up with his gf and goes off on a cruise where he gains weight. he makes friends with massage girl. i cant find it, anyone know where it is? thanks
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    Neighbours - by Ssaylleb (~BHM, ~BBW, ~Sex, ~~WG)

    ~BHM, ~BBW, ~Sex, ~~WG - A man finds he gets more than he expected when he relocates. Neighbours by Ssaylleb Donny heaved the last box out of the rental van and started up the few stairs to the front entrance of his new home. A woman in running gear walked out and, seeing his hands full...
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    Ssaylleb's thread

    Moderator's note: This thread is dedicated to the fans of Ssaylleb, who has not yet designated any specific stories as representative of his work: The author's stories may be accessed by using the search function, keyword Ssaylleb. We recommend conducting author searches from the full library...