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    BBW The Great British Baking Contest (~BBW, Romance, ~~WG)

    So glad to see this continued! Amazing writing, i love the story build up & character development.
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    BBW Lady Luck - by Marlow

    Well done, I'm really enjoying this. Can't wait for the bigger things to come :)
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    BBW Transitions (WG)

    Really enjoying this story, i like the realistic pace and her inability to stip the gain. very happy to see an update. Please continue.
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    sexy lingerie

    Thanks Agouderia, yes a babydoll would be perfect thanks. Wow good memory- we left there some years ago for new adventures. Agree with you on the quality issue , we've had some horror stories
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    sexy lingerie

    Hi I want to buy some erotic outfit for my wife but can't find much online. Her body shape is fairly small breasts, big round belly, curvy ass. Really she is almost slim all over except her fat tummy. All the items I've seen locally or online aim to pump up the breasts and hide her belly but...
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    New gainer - rapid summer weight gain

    First of all well done to you for doing what you want to. I hover between 70kg to 80kg (170cm tall) going from phases of training and doing lots of sport to overeating, snacking and junk food. I am held back from totally gaining partly by me- I do like to be active and partly by family and...
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    The DC Life

    I know I'm v late to this as I've not been on this forum for a few months. So happy to see this as I've long wanted more to the story of this political chub test. Please do continue the tale when you have time. Thanks again
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    BOTH Vignettes from a fat world - BBW (mult.), BHM (mult.), WG

    Vignette 2 “Where do you want to go for lunch, honey?” Lucy asked Linda at around 10.30. “Are you hungry already?” laughed Linda. “I want to feed you up hun, I’m worried you’re wasting away” “Aww how sweet. What about Alberto’s?” “Fresh pasta? Huge portions? You bet I’m in!” When the two...
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    BOTH Vignettes from a fat world - BBW (mult.), BHM (mult.), WG

    Author's note. In a parallel universe society appreciates a fuller figure; fat is celebrated as the ideal. There are no inhibitions on body image, so much so that people often go around with only underwear in the street, at work, or strip off in front of strangers, or on a train. Food and eating...
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    BBW The Food Critic (BBW, WG)

    brilliant! i loved reading this and hope there's more
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    The Girl In The Coffee Shop

    I haven't enjoyed reading a story so much in a very long time, keep it coming! I keeep thinking back to comment to her sister in Spain, one fat belly is enough :)
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    The Warm-Up (BBW, WG, Edited)

    What a lovely tale, so glad you took the time to revisit it.
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    Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)

    Thanks. Me too :D
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    Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)

    Carla entered Emily’s house behind Rick and took off her coat while he greeted his family. By the time he moved out of the way Emily and Tara could see exactly how plump Carla looked. She saw their jaws drop as they took in her rounded form. The looks embarrassed her, which turned her on. “I...
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    Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)

    Carla looked at the pie proffered by her daughter while her mind worked overdrive, trying to balance her gluttonous hunger for the pie with her lifelong adherence to a frugal diet. Her warped logic resulted: “I suppose I could take the pie” she said, “I’ll show you all that with some willpower...
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    Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)

    Thanks! well the gorging season officially runs till the New year, so... :)
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    Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)

    Seasonal Expansion by Ssaylleb The Thanksgiving spread beckoned, the dining table stoutly bearing the massive load of food ready to be devoured. The hostess, Emily, smiled as she heard her son’s SUV pull up outside. At 245 lbs she knew she was beyond plump, but she carried the weight well...
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    How could he possibly want me?

    if he's flirting and things have reached about to get physical then: A) he thinks you're hot B) he noticed you're not a size 0 c) he wants to shag your pants off If still not comfortable just talk to him about it. have fun!
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    BHM The check up. ~BHM, ~~WG, teasing

    Thanks all for your comments, I enjoyed writing this one. Some of my other stories go on too long, I'm glad I managed to keep this short & sweet.