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  1. Cookie

    A question for FFAs

    I think I would have offered to make food much before he'd need to ask. I'm quite into being a bit of a feeder and encouraging a guy to gain weight through it. Of course I'd make a sandwich for anyone though anyway if they asked nicely and would appreciate it. :)
  2. Cookie

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Today I'm a bit down about my FFAness, I wish I'd just find slimmer dudes as physically attractive as I find BHMs. Even though it's so hot it's not healthy when people actively gain. I've had slim boyfriends in the past say they'd gain weight for me, but it makes me feel really bad, especially...
  3. Cookie

    "All the nice girls love a bastard!"

    The thing that gets me about this phenomenon is when guys feel sorry for themselves because they can't get a girlfriend. Yes, the other dude might have some very visible bad traits, but it's other qualities in him that his girlfriend finds attractive. Usually when these nice guys refer to...
  4. Cookie

    Your top 3

    Chocolate bars: - Snickers - Yorkie - Cadbury's Wispa Reasonably priced chain restaurants: - Pizza Hut - Subway - Yo!Sushi Breed of cat: - Chinchilla - Ragdoll - Turkish Angora
  5. Cookie


    Gah, love it!
  6. Cookie

    OK Cupid

    Thought I'd check out OKCupid 'cause why not. So far I have not found any big dudes in my area! I'm not shallow as I've dated slimmer guys in the past, but now I've got the opportunity to be selective I will be. It would be awesome to be with a guy into the whole fat fetish thing; most big dudes...
  7. Cookie

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Hey, welcome back to Dims! I made an account sometime ago and didn't really use it at first either. I've found you get way more out of this place if you contribute and get involved though. :)
  8. Cookie

    Merry Christmas BHM/FFA Board Peeps!

    Hello BHM/FFA board peeps! I have been inactive on Dims for a while but I'm probably gonna be here a lot more now I'm less busy with life stuff. Hope you've all had a brilliant Christmas day! :) xxx
  9. Cookie

    Dat .gif!

    Also crying.
  10. Cookie

    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    You've lost 400 lbs ish in the past? That's incredible, sounds like you'll definitely reach your goal in time. And sorry to hear about your depression, I really hope it clears.
  11. Cookie

    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    I wish you the best of luck! And anyone else here trying to lose weight! Health must always come before anything else when you're big, even if it's damn sexy.
  12. Cookie

    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    I know this can be a very sensitive topic for some and the last thing I am out to do here is mean harm or upset anyone, but, I completely agree that it's not the diet that's failing, but the person. Some diets like the Atkins do speed up weight loss. I once did it and even though I was only...
  13. Cookie

    R A N D OM Awesomeness

    Some of these are really quite clever! Thanks for sharing :) 11 is pretty funny!
  14. Cookie

    Rep whines

    You rep in for mama, and she'll rep out for you (most effective if you've seen Chicago)
  15. Cookie

    What does DIMs and the BHM/FFA Board Mean to you?

    Besides being the place where I can relate to other FFAs, be all :smitten: at BHM pics and include myself in awesome discussions, Dims to me is a great place to make friends. If anyone wants to drop me a PM I'm always down for meeting awesome lovely people! I've made some great friends here...
  16. Cookie

    Dat .gif!

    Hehehe I love this one! How do I GIF? It won't work for me :(
  17. Cookie

    May we have a BHM/FFA weight and size thread?

    Everyone's so diverse in their body shapes, weight and height; it's what makes us all so interesting and overwhelmingly sexy. ;)
  18. Cookie

    May we have a BHM/FFA weight and size thread?

    I love feeling tiny in comparison too! And tits, belly, love handles, all round softness and face mushing into flab yes yes yes <3
  19. Cookie

    Dat .gif!

    Did I just see some epic cat gifs down there? (Couldn't upload it)
  20. Cookie

    May we have a BHM/FFA weight and size thread?

    Thank you! :) I like knowing numbers too, I'm not sure why! We can say this is a thread for er, appreciation, and is definitely not a perv fest. And IMO 180 sounds really good for 5'2" :)