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    First FA experience

    First teen girlfriends were BBW's...later in my early twenties I met a lady who would be considered a SSBBW, and well, that's all she wrote, as they say in Mass...a true lifer.
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    NAAFA Conventions of 1990's

    Thanks for posting. There was indeed an event, amazing to see those images, it's been years.
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    NAAFA Conventions of 1990's

    Wasn't there something in Boston, early nineties?
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    The View from the Back

    Thanks, Hot!!:)
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    Anyone watch 1,000 Ways To Die?

    The only way to go!;)
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    Older FA's looking for older BBW's

    Old as dirt here, loving it all more than ever;)
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    Smoking pot

    All this talk of smoke and BBW's has me headed off to the medicine kit to twist one up and uh, think...:D
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    Miss Townley, my freshman English teacher. If it were today, and she were inclined to display herself in this forum, there would be droves of howling, drooling FA's begging for her attention. I have no idea how I passed that class, for the entire year for me was spent waiting for her to...
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    are you a sex/porn addict?

    Nope, the stuff has no effect on me whatsoever!, (surfing the net at 4:00am) :blush:
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    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    I'm with UncannyBruceman on this. I totally get off on the pampering, the catering too, waiting on and the general seeing-to-it-that-SSBBW's-get-away-with-murder thing like nothing else. ...and, I love a woman that wants to be treated like an absolute Queen. Think Caddy's not Lexus':D
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    Who prefers ssbbw's with atleast underwear on to being naked?

    Absolutely!, love sexily clothed images, and the sight of certain types of "old school" undergarments on a ssbbw triggers something akin to Vesuvius/Krakatoa Can you say FETISH!!
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    I Got New Hair!!

    Looks Great!:wubu:
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    squashing/total ass domination

    I'm a Jean E. Hill fan from waaaaay back;)
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    squashing/total ass domination

    Back in the nineties when I lived in Rhode Island, there was a band called "Violent Anal Death" I always got a chuckle out of that.;)
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    Do you secretly visit the Paysite Board? (Someone had to make this thread :P)

    I never go to the paysite board, I'm only here for the discussion:D
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    Question about extreme squashing *moved from PB*

    Hmmm...merciless squashing, sounds as though I'll have to investigate this further...;)
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    MTV Awards

    Mmmm...Chocolate Desire;)
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    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 1

    Bourne Ultimatum, saw it yesterday, and enjoyed it. They will probably do another one.
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    What's your weirdest fetish?

    Honestly?, there are so many, must I list them all?:D