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  1. ChickletsBBW

    Personal medical/physical/health struggle.. looking for other options

    First off, I'm sorry for the loooong explaination but I have to explain it all first. I have dilemma that most days I'm at the point of feeling like I will forever be this miserable. This is not something that I generally share with anyone and it's not something I've shared with or...
  2. ChickletsBBW

    Lumpia anyone?

    I have a huge craving for lumpia and I don't know where to get in here in Austin so I'm curious if any of you have a really good lumpia recipe??
  3. ChickletsBBW

    Extreme Home Makeovers

    wow.. cool.. it IS a small world ! The crew was here in Austin giving a family a new home. I only saw it on the news but I can't wait to see the story on the tv show :D I think this show is so awesome for people that really need a helping hand. :)
  4. ChickletsBBW

    wife swap

  5. ChickletsBBW

    anyone else sick of oprah?

    I just happened to flip to the show and i'm sitting here and frankly.. the woman is not my fav person. She just totally dogged big men. And her "dr oz" *rolls eyes* .... why?? just get off my TV !! lol
  6. ChickletsBBW

    when i eat/ why i stop

    not sure where else to post this.. I'm just curious.. I've been thinking lately when/why/ and how I eat. I have 2 family memebers that had WLS and one very close friend that had it a few months ago. of course society says i eat cuz i'm depressed and ashamed yadda yadda..(haha.. not hardly)...
  7. ChickletsBBW

    extra large scrubs?

    Hey ladies n gents.. I have a friend that is in desire to get some scrubs that fit her. I thought lane bryant catalog used to sell them but i've looked through some that I have laying around and don't see them, nor was I able to find them online? anyway.. do any of you know where she...
  8. ChickletsBBW

    He loves fat chicks!

    Not to detract from Fat Girls Only! however.. I'm impressed as my boyfriend brought home a t-shirt today that he purchased from work. He works at a porn store and he was able to order a few shirts from one of the companys they buy t-shirts for the store and he brought home this:
  9. ChickletsBBW

    wife swap

    did anyone else watch wifeswap tonight? I have thoughts about the show but not so sure how to explain them. I was a bit surprised (i guess) what they said about the heavy-set man. That he "ate every meal as if it were a practice for his eating competitions" Don't get me wrong.. when...
  10. ChickletsBBW

    TV Commercials

    *lmao* ok. I usually put the tv on mute when commercials come on cuz they're usually pretty stupid.. but O M G *laughs hard* Have you all seen the Skittles commercial w/ the singing rabbit?? hahhaa that's probably the funniest commercial I've seen in a LOOONG time.. Another one that I...
  11. ChickletsBBW

    ok.. i know we don't watch jeopardy that often.. but it's sad.. we're watching kids.. and hhmm... we're getting some of the answers.. LOL and sadly... we don't do much better on the adult/regular version LOL it's amazing.. how do these kids know some of this random shit? lol anyway.. i...
  12. ChickletsBBW

    bra help !

    Ladies.. (and gents if you have suggestions).. I *NEED* a bra that has clear/plastic shoulder straps! (honestly don't care what color the cup is).. maybe I'm looking in the wrong places but I can't seem to find one can anyone point me in some directions? Thanks! -Chicky 46D or...
  13. ChickletsBBW

    is it wrong??

    ok.. i'm feeling kinda weird about this but then again.. i figure there's not too much harm.. I have a boyfriend of 5 years. However.. I met a guy about a year ago and we've hung out since then. The problem is, I totally lust for him. I even kissed/sorta made out with him (yes that's so jr...
  14. ChickletsBBW

    the creaking sound of old wooden chairs.. lol

    ugh.. i was at my friends house the other day and she was cooking me dinner and asked me to come into the kitchen to talk.. she point at one of their chairs and said sit... mind you, when i looked over at the very old and not very sturdy looking chair i glanced up at her and carefully sat...
  15. ChickletsBBW

    post your pets!

    I know it's been done before but I'm doing it again :P so spank me later hehe I just couldn't resist.. this is my little girl and she just looked too cute in this pic and I wanted to share. For those of you that have/ had medical probs w/ their pets, my dog Angie has a disintegrating...
  16. ChickletsBBW

    Stupid Birds?

    ok folks.. just moved into my new house, we have a large window that faces the backyard. Today, for the 4th time, another bird flew *smack* into the window, broke it's neck (we guess), dropped to the ground and died. Stupid birds or what? lol
  17. ChickletsBBW

    MIA no more!

    hello everyone... sorry I've been MIA for soooooooo long :( Had some personal things I had to go through and take care of and could not be online. Thank you to those that sent private messages and emails of concern. Yes, I'm still alive and you all can spank me later (only sensual...
  18. ChickletsBBW

    I'm in need of some help

    ok well i'm sorry to have to ask however.. i'm in serious need I need some muscle to help me move this weekend!! argh! the ppl that said they would help have backed out and I am in serious need of some help :( is there anyone in or very near Austin that would be willing to help? Right...
  19. ChickletsBBW

    help ! computer prob

    ok.. i'm getting frustrated :( everytime when I open IE and i literally type in a URL, it pops up the windows 'problem' box where it asks if you want to send the error problem or not. Anyone have a clue what the heck is the problem? I can go directly to anything in my favorites list w/o any...
  20. ChickletsBBW

    just my late night rant

    ok... it's saturday night and my girl friends and I have decided to go out to a 'sports bar' that has tons of pool tables and has plenty of seating for karaoke (or however ya spell it). So.. we go.. all 3 of us look good.. we're all bbws and i'm the larger and shorter of the 3. Anyway.. I...