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    Workshopping a Kingdom

    Hi all! I'm a very rare poster of stories here, but I've felt the need to pick up the digital pen once more. I'm interested in attempting a fantasy, but I was wondering if any creative individuals might talk through the makings of a kingdom. Basically (it shouldn't be a surprise considering)...
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    In Reflection - by Venjance (~BHM)

    ~BHM - A short vignette of a BHM realizing what he's become. In Reflection by Venjance Joseph loved to sit in this, his favorite spot. It was situated in the entertainment room, in front of the computer and with the large tv off to one side. His seat was an overstuffed office chair with...
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    Vermont Christmas - by Venjance (~BHM, FFA, Extreme Eating)

    ~BHM, FFA, Extreme Eating Vermont Christmas by Venjance Even the drive left Cole both at ease and prickling with eager anticipation. He had come to know Leah as someone unique, someone who… no, he couldn’t even begin to fathom the character, and it cheapened her to even try placing her in...