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    Absolutely STRUGGLING in new relationship - changes in appearance

    I have posted about a new relationship partner that has said he ultimately wants to "gain muscle and lose fat". This has caused me quite a bit of distress! Doesn't help that he has been away recently so it's longer than usual between our meets. Anyway... While he was away, he got a new...
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    What is it for you?

    I can't find a general, non-gender-specific place to post this, but I would like input from anyone. In my post history, you will find that for me (cis-hetero female), this is a fetish. Some have said it's definitely a kink. What is it for you?
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    Does anyone else HATE this fetish?

    I'm cis-hetero F with a fat fetish. But I'm also not kinky...It is so hard for me to find fat men who just... idk... like food and are okay with being fat without literally wanting to specifically gain or be fed... And who are okay with it all being a turn-on for me. I have a new partner who is...
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    Was he flirting/teasing?

    I met a guy on a plus-size dating app. He's big, but not supersize or anything. Like 5'9 and 310 lbs. As I am not plus-size, he asked what had brought me there, and I told him I like fat guys and when guys eat a lot. He said that was fine as long as I wasn't a feeder. Context about me: I do...
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    It's a-me

    Hi everyone. I have spent the last few days reading BHM stories here and I am well pleased that I have found romance without too much kink. And then I spent the last 2 days like a zombie, narrating a story in my head