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  1. clockworklove

    BHM A Student Life (BHM, WG, gay)

    This is really, really good! Amazing work 👏👏
  2. clockworklove

    BHM The Rocky Road to Highcastle [BHM, romance, historical]

    I love this so much already!!!!
  3. clockworklove

    BHM The Honorable [bhm, ffa, historical romance]

    Listen, I am somehow both deeply looking forward to the delicious slow burn of this and also ACTIVELY DYING already. It’s so so good, you’re a sensational writer.
  4. clockworklove

    BHM Skeptical [BHM]

    This has been such an intricate, interesting, super-sexy slow burn! You’re an incredibly talented writer. Thanks for the update!
  5. clockworklove

    BHM Skeptical [BHM]

    I’m so excited to see more of this one!
  6. clockworklove

    BHM Blackmailing Evan [BHM; FFA; Female Feeder; Slow Burn; XWG]

    This was just so perfect. Amazing work!
  7. clockworklove

    BHM Skeptical [BHM]

    Oo000oOh spooky! Naw but this is a really great start, I’m hooked already!
  8. clockworklove

    About The Erotica Thread?

    I’d like to opt in as well!
  9. clockworklove

    BHM The New Hire

    This is really great so far!
  10. clockworklove

    BHM After Quarantine

    My name is clockworklove, I am a theatre person, and I 10000000000% approve this chapter 😍😍😍
  11. clockworklove

    BOTH A Change of Weight

    I love this one! The way they trade places is so well done.
  12. clockworklove

    BHM Two Desserts (BHM, ~WG)

    Seconded! Your writing style is so evocative and realistic. I can’t wait to see where you take this!
  13. clockworklove

    BHM After Quarantine

    God I love this one 😍
  14. clockworklove

    BHM Trial by Fire - by Xyantha (BHM, WG, Explicit)

    This is amazing you are amazing aaaaaahhhhhhhh 💀
  15. clockworklove

    BHM Trial by Fire - by Xyantha (BHM, WG, Explicit)

    SAME :eek::eek::eek:
  16. clockworklove

    BHM Trial by Fire - by Xyantha (BHM, WG, Explicit)

    I’m so excited to see you continue this one!
  17. clockworklove

    BHM After Quarantine

    This story is so so good! Really enjoying your work so far 😍
  18. clockworklove

    BHM North Enders by Starling (BHM, WG)

    Aaaahhhhh yesyesyesyes!!!