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  1. Donna

    Disney Plus Size Heroine

    To quote the beautiful Lizzo, “it’s about damned time!” As soon as I read this article article, I pulled up my Disney + app and WOW, it’s just beautiful. Six minutes of pure emotion. Once upon a time, before the world got in my head, I tried ballet and I adored it. I normally can’t walk across...
  2. Donna

    Camp Roundup, a different kind of "fat camp"

    Saw this article on NPR this morning. I wish I could've had something like this when I could still travel. And the pictures with the article make me so very happy. The women (sorry fellas, it's women only) all look like they're enjoying the experience.
  3. Donna

    BOTH The Storm (a short erotic love story)

    This 2564-word erotic story revisits the SSBBW and BHM couple Kate and Spence from my previous work: ‘Mind if I Make Love to You.’ An homage to the deep, long lasting love affair only couples of a certain age experience. Not all epic romances are between twenty-somethings who’ve just met. Sex...
  4. Donna

    BOTH Mind if I Make Love to You, an erotic story by Donna Bee

    This 2674-word NSFW erotic story contains explicit descriptions of a sexual nature and features a BHM and His SSBBW lover. This couple has been together quite some time and are still deeply in love. I was inspired by the love and chemistry between the famous actress Katharine Hepburn and her...
  5. Donna

    Beard & Mustache & Goatee Appreciation Thread

    This has been done before apparently, but not recently and I’m in no mood to dig up an old thread, so…. Gentlepeople, let’s see those beautiful goatees, beards, & mustaches in all their hair raising glory. I know there are some beauties out there, I’ve seen glimpses here and there. But I’m...
  6. Donna

    August is NAAFA’s 2nd Annual Fat Liberation Month

    I just wanted to share the stunning images for this year’s Fat Liberation Month. For information on this year’s events, go to: Fat Liberation Month Events Calendar 2022 — naafa
  7. Donna

    BBW Gym or Chocolate by Donna Bee

    This 5564 word short story, structured like an incredibly short novel, is my first foray into writing about erotic food play. Inspired by a novel of the same name, it features a confident BBW lead character and contains explicit descriptions of sex and eating. THIS STORY IS NSFW. Trigger...
  8. Donna

    'The Whale'--New Brendan Fraser Film

    This looks interesting, but also worrisome and problematic. Fraser's role in The Whale has him playing a 600 lb recluse trying to reconnect with his 17 year old daughter. In the articles I've read, he says the costuming was cumbersome and extensive. He's being very tight lipped about the film...
  9. Donna

    Advice to your younger self…

    You’ve just happened on a time machine that allows you to travel back in time within your own lifespan and give your younger self some quick advice. What do you tell you? I’d go back to the eve of my eighteenth birthday and tell me: take the risk, don’t always choose the safe option. And...
  10. Donna

    Trying my hand at creating art

    I’ve changed my mind about sharing these. Thank you.
  11. Donna

    BBW Vox Vampirica, by Donna Bee

    This is a short story I wrote many years ago that I recently reworked. 3268 words, explicit descriptions of sex and blood, no weight gain but it does feature a BBW lead character VOX VAMPIRICA A story about pleasure…and the power of a voice. Somewhere in a large city, Autumn 1999...
  12. Donna

    Not sure where to place a story

    I have an erotic story I wrote many years ago that was posted anonymously by the old Moderator Observer. I've revamped it and would like to repost, but I'm not sure which board. It's not about weight gain or feeding, it's just a paranormal erotic story which features a fat female lead character...
  13. Donna

    Lipedema Awareness Month

    June is Lipedema awareness month. Often mistaken for lymphedema, it affects mostly women, according to the Lipedema Foundation, and in general presents as excess adipose (fat) tissue in the extremities. Oddly enough, it generally doesn’t effect the hands and feet. Not a lot is known about what...
  14. Donna

    SSBBW & Summer (Realities)

    I recognize there is an existing thread on the realities of dating SSBBW, but this isn't really dating related, so I thought a new thread was warranted. If I was wrong in my assumption, my apologies. That being said, for most of us, summer time has arrived. Temps here in the foothills of the...
  15. Donna

    Urging Parents to Stop Passing Negative Body Images to Their Children

    This article is from earlier in May, but I just saw it today and thought it was worth a share. So much of my negative body image, hell my negative self image, is a direct result of things my mother said and did. From the overt, "You're never going to attract a man looking like that," to the...
  16. Donna

    Your Heart's Desire?

    What's the one thing you've always wanted to do? Race a Nascar? Win a Grammy Award? Travel to space...
  17. Donna

    NAAFA's Fat Fridays Virtual Social Club

    The Fat Fridays Social Club is held via Zoom and is an affinity space only for folx who identify as fat. (Ages 16+) Next gathering is 5/27, 5:30 - 7:30 PDT Each month has a theme. The theme for May is #FatMovies. Here's what you can expect: 1. Introductions - Name, pronouns, location (learn the...
  18. Donna

    Top Three Game

    We used to do this on the forums a long time ago and it always generated a lot of fun and discussion. The rules are simple, I will start with a top three list of my choice (could be anything from top three fave foods to top three vacation spots to top three fave tv shows.) The next poster will...
  19. Donna

    Weight Loss Compliments…an article from

    Interesting article, but don’t read the comment section if you get triggered. When I was blogging from my hospital bed in 2019, I mentioned a significant amount of weight I had lost to illustrate just how much fluid my body had been holding onto due to advanced sepsis affecting my kidneys. Once...