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  1. Wild Zero

    Fat Sexuality on

    A little shameless self-promotion, I wrote a two part piece on Fat Sexuality for You can check out Part I & Part II. Enjoyed writing them and had great interviews with all who participated. Not a fan of the stock images accompanying the pieces, but trying to fix that.
  2. Wild Zero

    Why I'm an out FA (and you should be too)

    I'm exceedingly open about my preference outside of Dimensions and really, why shouldn't I be open about what brings me joy? But as it's around the holidays I find myself reflecting on a deeper reason for my openness. It's intimately connected to other thoughts I always have around the holidays...
  3. Wild Zero

    Recipes for Vegetarian/Vegan baked goods

    Ok, so I'm looking for some good vegetarian recipes for baked goods. I've been getting into baking for my girlfriend and while I certainly enjoy the fact that she gets whole trays of brownies and lemon bars to herself I'd like to be able to bake something I get to eat as well. I'm not vegan so...
  4. Wild Zero

    Drop Dead Diva Season 2

    I can't be the only person addicted to this show. Tony vs. Grayson, discuss.
  5. Wild Zero

    Mass. challenges federal Defense of Marriage Act

    At times like this I'm very proud of my state.
  6. Wild Zero

    Farewell Supersonics, you will be missed.

    From the euphoria of finally seeing (or rather not being an infant when) the Celtics win a title to the punch in the throat of the demise of one of the most entertaining teams during my childhood. I'm not from Seattle, I've never been to Seattle and the closest relation I have to the city is the...
  7. Wild Zero

    Sex Panther IRL

    This stuff is awesome because it smells of rich mahogany and reminds me that I own many leather bound books.
  8. Wild Zero

    Minor skrimish in Korean DMZ pushes world to the edge of AWESOME

    South Korean and North Korean troops embroiled in dance off standoff.
  9. Wild Zero

    What aren't you listening to: The overrated music thread

    I figured this would be a fairly interesting topic, as most people who listen to music obsessively have some pretty strong opinions on what they dislike. And most people who form strong opinions on music tend to enjoy taking certain sacred cows they can't stand behind the woodshed So I'll get...
  10. Wild Zero

    The thread of international pop sensations

    I figured we could use yet another music thread specifically devoted to popular music of non-english speaking nations. I've got a particular love of Korean pop music of the '90s and early '00s Cho PD-iya gi sohk eul lo (I remember when this video came out there was supposedly some big...