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  1. jonj287

    Weight scale Pics..

    Whats everyone weigh right with a pic of the scale showing how much you weigh....:)
  2. jonj287


    Hi All!! My girlfriend and I are bot gaining. She's hit the 300 mark and i'm about 265 and we are both pretty excited and happy. Anyways, we are look high and low for a winter coat for her and can't find any! you girls or guys have any suggestions? we need help! thanks!
  3. jonj287

    Feet Hurt!

    I just wanna that my gaining is going pretty good. anyways, i just wanna say since i've been gaining my feet have been killing me. i'm up around 230lbs now. i was just wondering if i should take it easy one the gaining process or not stand on my feet so long. any thouught?
  4. jonj287


    hey all!! Ok, my girlfriend and I are having a bickering match going on. For starts i'm 180lbs (recent gain) and my girlfriend is 275lbs (somewhat gaining, lol). anyways, I say you see better gains when you eat through out the day and she says she has always seen gains when you just eat big...
  5. jonj287


    hey ya'll. i was wondering. 5'8 185lbs and actively gaining my goal is 250 for now and i'm up 20lbs and girlfriend is 275lbs 5'5 and she isn't as active as i am in gaining because she says i need more meat on my bones. anyways, i've recently gotten new stretchmarks around my belly (which i...
  6. jonj287

    Help for V-day!!

    i was wondering if any one ordered pj's from i'm thinking about ordering some for a friend of mine for love day coming up and they have plus sizes 1x, 2x, 3x. My question is what size is she??? she has an apple shape and also wears a 24-26, so what size should i get?? I need...
  7. jonj287

    Man Boobs

    im a first time poster. I just wanted to know how many women out there like man boobs or find them attractive on a man. i've had mine since i could remember. i would have to say i have about an a-cup. haha I was just curious on if women really like them or just say that they like them...