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  1. Upstate New York Foodee

    Size Discrimination - A Call To Action

    This rendered me speechless. I don't think I'm getting my jaw off the floor anytime soon. I'm sad, appalled, disgusted and enraged all at once. I hope the guy who is in charge of the site gets hit by a NYC bus.
  2. Upstate New York Foodee

    Tess Munster

    Turns out that the chick who was the face of the "Heavy" show is a very cute and stylish alt model named Tess Munster. She's so adorable and her photos have some of the coolest styling I've ever seen. Thought you guys might want to check out her Facebook Fan Page. Such fun photos!
  3. Upstate New York Foodee

    Red Velvet Fried chicken

    Oh hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yes x 5.
  4. Upstate New York Foodee

    NYT Distorts Image Of Christina Hendricks, Calls Her "Big"

    Maybe it's as simple, primal and schoolyard bully-esque as the chick writer's hubby/boyfriend/partner saying "I wanna hit that. Wowzaaaaaaaaaaa...look at that rack" sometime in the recent past. And since the pen is mightier than the sword, she wanted to take this lady down in one foul swoop...
  5. Upstate New York Foodee

    North African/Middle Eastern food in Manhattan

    Greetings my fellow foodees, I have a special occasion coming up and I'd really like to hit up a North African/Middle Eastern type of joint in Manhattan. I don't want to drag my party of 6 to Brooklyn, Queens, SI or the Bronx. Figured Manhattan would be easiest. Sure I can enter "North African...
  6. Upstate New York Foodee


    Wow! Surprised how many people haven't had shwarma. Some of the best I've had was in Montreal. It's like the best thing to have at 3:00 AM after a night of boozin' it up out on the town.
  7. Upstate New York Foodee

    Classic BBW Pin Ups for the troops

    Holy crap! That's such a cute idea.
  8. Upstate New York Foodee

    The vasectomy thread

    My man wants to get a vasectomy. We would like to be childfree for life. I should really be the last woman on Earth to get pregnant as I wholly lack maternal instinct. Even as a child I rejected baby dolls and being pregnant at 18 felt like having a terrible disease(I terminated the pregnancy)...
  9. Upstate New York Foodee

    Late Night Cereal

    Trader Joe's Loaded Fruit & Nut Gluten Free Granola is the food of the GODS. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. Upstate New York Foodee

    Turkey Jell-O Mold Competition

    These turkeys are seriously giving me the heebie jeebies. Matzhoh turkey didn't need to go there with the whole womb analogy. But it did. And I really wish it didn't. The peanut butter fudge one. I'd possibly hit that. Seemed the least gag inducing.
  11. Upstate New York Foodee

    "In other news we're taking away Karl Lagerfeld's laptop"

  12. Upstate New York Foodee

    "Precious" Cannes hit and Mo'Nique film

    Usually I wouldn't be lining up to see a Mariah Carey and Mo'Nique movie, but this looks really good! I hope the girl who plays Precious blows up and we see her everywhere. She had me with the previews.
  13. Upstate New York Foodee

    Femal artists belly too fat for record label!!

    There was a thread about this here a few months ago. So Amanda's belly is old news. Much like her horrible music(couldn't resist that). New news: She's dating Neil Gaiman.
  14. Upstate New York Foodee

    New Dating Show says 'No Skinny Minnies'

    I don't know if it's allowed, but it looks like Dlisted(which I admitedly do read when he makes fun of lame ass celebs) posted a picture of a bunch of Paysite girls in order to make fun of the show: *sigh*
  15. Upstate New York Foodee

    Sensationalism at it's worst yet again; "Family Too Fat To Work"

    *sigh* The tone of it angered me too much for me to make a proper comment right now.
  16. Upstate New York Foodee

    Clothing/Fashion Confession

    I'm a big horror flick buff, so I want that. Pray tell where you spotted it!
  17. Upstate New York Foodee

    Wacky NYC theme restaurants?

    One of my friends appointed me to the duty of trying to find this year's wacky theme restaurant for an upcoming birthday dinner? New York City and New Jersey is our target area. We've already been to Trailer Park Lounge, The Slaughtered Lamb Pub, Waikiki Wally's, Otto's Shrunken Head, Lucky...
  18. Upstate New York Foodee

    Amanda Palmer's leaping from one label to another, for fat related reasons.

    I will preface saying this that one of my life long dreams is to punch Amanda Palmer and her ugly eyebrows in the face. I always disliked pretentious theater geek music like the Dresden Dolls. Some of my friends eat it up, but then again they enjoy musicals like Rent too, so I guess that kind of...
  19. Upstate New York Foodee

    White Castle turkey stuffing

    What a great and relatively simple idea. Drunk food and Thanksgiving together...what's not to :wubu:
  20. Upstate New York Foodee

    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    Thanks to the Foodee board on Dims one of my official goals in life is to try tres leches cake.