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  1. Zowie

    January 30th, 2010

    The joyous time of the year where you set yourself up for personal dissapointment... New Year's resolutions! Where most are made in a state of euphoric intoxication, what overinflated ideals have you projected onto yourself this time? :p So what resolutions are you making? Why? Have you...
  2. Zowie

    So We Can Be Inappropriate

    Well, more than usual. When you think about it, the only person who can see your rep comments is yourself. This isn't facebook. What are your rep comments like? And just to be fair... don't include names. Unless you've asked that person before.
  3. Zowie

    Saturday Night...

    ...Boredom? I dunno, it's really dead. So here's a fun little game, if anything just to be able to listen to music and think about it. Put your iPod on shuffle, and answer these questions with the title and artist of the song that comes up. How am I feeling today? Will I get far in life...
  4. Zowie

    You want me to do what?!

    It sounded like it'd be really entertaining, even if it does get overrun with zombies, midgets, or someone's biznatch. So, what is your most entertaining, endearing, romantic, hilarious, awkward, pitiful, geeky, orwhathaveyounot sex story?
  5. Zowie

    "You smell like Saturday mornings"

    I haven't seen this thread yet, and if I did miss it, I'm sorry. So, I was sitting on the subway today next to a pretty good looking BHM. But more importantly, he smelt WONDERFUL. Really warm and spicy but very clean too. Anyway, that made my morning. I think that the smell of a person is...
  6. Zowie

    Mutual Attraction?

    Bon, chéris, I've got a question. Or a matter of opinions. Being, I guess as you call an FFA (took me forever to figure out all the letter-thingers), how do large men react to girls of various sizes loving them for their physique? I mean, I've never been an object of desire, so I can image...