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  1. mopsette

    BHM What's in a Name? [SSBHM, MAGIC]

    5. When she travelled, Elphyne put Pumpkin to sleep inside a walnut shell. It wasn’t an ideal arrangement and it was getting harder and harder to fit him inside. This morning she broke three shells before successfully casting the spell. Soon they wouldn’t hold him at all and she would need to...
  2. mopsette

    BHM What's in a Name? [SSBHM, MAGIC]

    Oh yes! There's *definitely* more - there's even a plot (sort of) if I can stop describing pretty colours and flowers for long enough to get it out. Got another couple of scenes done already. They just need editing. ^_^
  3. mopsette

    BHM What's in a Name? [SSBHM, MAGIC]

    4. “Pumpkin, look.” He opened his eyes. The wickerwork ceiling was far away. Wisteria and jasmine vines, perfuming the air, curled upwards towards glimmering trinkets he could hardly see. The soft chimes had become a distant tinkle. Mushrooms fanned out from the walls, creating an elegant...
  4. mopsette

    BHM What's in a Name? [SSBHM, MAGIC]

    3. Pumpkin awoke to the sound of birdsong. Glimmering things chimed gently above him, catching the faint light of dawn. He turned, expecting straw, but found himself tucked comfortably beneath a blanket of the softest fur. He blinked, wondering if he was still dreaming. He thought about sitting...
  5. mopsette

    BHM What's in a Name? [SSBHM, MAGIC]

    2. Warm. That was his first thought. Closely followed by soft. Still drowsy, Stephen tried to roll over but he couldn’t move. Opening his eyes, he found his body was cocooned like a fly in spider silk. He was suspended above a bed – a bower? – lined with furs in a wickerwork sphere of flowering...
  6. mopsette

    BHM What's in a Name? [SSBHM, MAGIC]

    (A variation on the classic "man stumbles upon a strange woman in the forest" story. Magical weight gain, weirdness, and eventual romance. Whenever I read this trope I always think about what happens afterwards. The happily, or not so happily, ever after. This story plays on that question.)...
  7. mopsette

    The thread for random single confessions!

    IC confess that I did, deliberately, not do my laundry in order to run out of my XS underwear so had an excuse to ask to borrow my boyfriend's 5XL cotton boxers for bed.
  8. mopsette

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    MopSETTE!! *facepalm*
  9. mopsette

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    A stealthy lurker named Mopselle. Bisexual twig with a love of bodies larger than my own. Mainly here for the stories.
  10. mopsette

    When did you realize what you liked, and what triggered it?

    I have this very strong memory of lying on my dad's stomach when I was small. Just lying there listening to him breathe. All my partners have been a bit chubby (except one and although he was nice it was like cuddling a skeleton, bleh), but I didn't put it all together until a few years ago...
  11. mopsette

    FA/FFA Roll Call - de-lurk and/or introduce yourself here!

    Name: Mopsette Age: 33 Location: New Zealand Profession: Writer Music: I have the musical tastes of a screen villain: classical, opera, jazz. Stuff you usually hear as a camera pans over a dead body and then cuts to the villain's fancy house. My house is, sadly, anything but fancy. Likes...
  12. mopsette

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Hello lovely people, I'm Mopsette! I write things. Long time lurker. Sad fact for a millennial, but the thing that intimidates me about this place is the forum format! >.< Yet many fun things seem to happen on the way to this forum, so here I am. Hello, at last! I will post a thing if I can...
  13. mopsette

    Changes to the Library Boards

    Can you opt me in, please?