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  1. Boteroesque Babe

    Post a link to your favorite Dim thread.

    I just did a search for an old thread in order to show someone here a pic, and in looking through it, was reminded of how much I enjoyed the thread the first time around. Then I had an idea. With the signal-to-noise ratio on the board seemingly at an all-time low right now, uglyness in...
  2. Boteroesque Babe

    Nigella Lawson's on Letterman tonight!

    *NM* ...........
  3. Boteroesque Babe

    Happy Anniversary "New" Board!

    One year ago Conrad launched new software which resulted in a more frenetic “new board” with an entirely different feel. Sounds all ruffly and gingham, but pondering this milestone, it occurs to me this place is like a family. Not a touchy-feely kumbaya family, but a real, shared-blood family...
  4. Boteroesque Babe

    Belly Button Buffet

    Found this when I was hunting down a shrimp cocktail pic. WARNING: Contains belly button... buffets.
  5. Boteroesque Babe

    Life's Great Mysteries

    Whether Divine Creation or Big Bang, I wonder what place mosquitoes have in The Great Universal Plan. I'd also like to know why they stopped printing the no-drain microwave cooking method on boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Big or small, profound or poofy, what mysteries do you ponder?
  6. Boteroesque Babe

    Shortening jeans while maintaining the original hem!

    Petites are too short for me, but sometimes a regular inseam is too long, and a regular old grandma hem in your jeans makes it look like, well, your grandma did it. (No offense to granny seamstresses, but if you're gonna wear jeans, y'want 'em to look like jeans, no?) Well, God and Google...
  7. Boteroesque Babe

    Y'all can kiss my ass goodbye.

    Before my detractors start doing the happy dance, I'm talking about Clubhouse ass. Mine, and a half dozen pages of others' (including our wet Webmaster). Provided I can figure out how, I'm gonna start removing the images from the thread now. So if you haven't yet, better go start your...
  8. Boteroesque Babe

    What are you doing on September 11th?

    One year I had lunch with friends at a Tribeca restaurant still struggling. One year I helped a friend open her own restaurant. I usually watch the names read at the site, but do nothing, actually, to memorialize. Mostly just life-goes-on stuff. But this year I'm the presenter for one of the...
  9. Boteroesque Babe

    It's "Show Your Ass For a Day" Day!

    Show us your (or you're) ass! I'll start by showing both. (And disclosing that I'm apparently no longer a 4x.) Please appreciate the guts I'm calling up to show you not only my undiepants, but my messy bedroom. And other stuff I'd just as soon keep covered. But it's funny, no?
  10. Boteroesque Babe

    SYAFaDD, Anniversary Edition!

    A couple of Clubhouse cuties, always itchin' to show their patooties, have once again reminded me it's been a while. So in honor of the ass end of summer, and the one year anniversary of "the new board," this Thursday's full moon will be "Show Your Ass For a Day" Day in the Dimensions...
  11. Boteroesque Babe

    Let's write user titles for each other.

    25 characters or fewer, I think. Right? No one's under any obligation to use 'em, and please, no syrupy sentiments. If I see "a dear honey of a person," there'll be conniption activity all up in here. . Carrie - Heavily-Goated Girly Girl . . .
  12. Boteroesque Babe

    Help! I need butt songs by next weekend!

    ...for a show saluting the wiggle, shake, and thunder of the ample backside. And perhaps a few about the delectables that make them ampler. Not enough of what I've got is really thrilling me. Most all genres included, and this is big-signal broadcast radio, so I can't air any of the FCC 7...
  13. Boteroesque Babe

    RIP Bruno Kirby

    One of my favorite B(ish)HMs, and by far my favorite Sinatra-lovin' chauffeur.
  14. Boteroesque Babe

    Great new(ish) source for funky cotton duds in 4x/5x.... I ordered from these guys a while back, and was pleased to see them at NAAFA. The selection is limited, the site is still rather wonky, and their customer service is... interesting (one of 'em left me a buncha voice mails, and finally spoke to me from his bed)...
  15. Boteroesque Babe

    IM Hacking

    I was notified by AOL today (don't laugh, it's free and it's comfortable), that I had IMs open in two different locations. Since I haven't used an IM in years, I can only assume this means I've been hacked. I believe I've seen this discussed here before, but was unable to find out what I...
  16. Boteroesque Babe

    Tivo Alert: Primo Amore on Sundance

    Chilling. Well told. Some of the dialogue seemed lifted from this very forum. I saw... parallels. And visible ribs. Would make a good double feature with Fat Girls and Feeders, I'm guessing. I watched it with my hand in a box of Frosty Mini Wheats Strawberry Delight, followed by too many...
  17. Boteroesque Babe

    Things I Learned at the NAAFA Convention

    With SoVerySoft's permission, I'll start. I was only there for the first two days, but... I eat more than fat people, apparently. Or at least I throw my head back, close my eyes, and groan orgasmically more. Lobby Lizards: Not a myth. Winners of the Bone Structure Bonanza for being...
  18. Boteroesque Babe

    Waffle Cone Room Spray

    A friend who absolutely refuses to register and participate just sent me this. Gift idea for the girl who eats everything.
  19. Boteroesque Babe

    Fat Studies Call For Papers

    I've just received this CFP, and know a few lurkers here who may be interested. Good opportunity to perhaps make a difference. 2007 PCA/ ACA Fat Studies CFP (deadline November 15, 2006) Fat Studies is becoming an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary field of study that confronts and...
  20. Boteroesque Babe

    Hot enough for ya?

    Huh. Huh huh. *jingles pocket change, scratches nuts*