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  1. Friday

    FYI for anyone still using Everyday Minerals

    Just a quick drive by since I was one of those that raved about EDM's products. Their management has decided to drop their 'all natural' ingredients philosophy. They are reformulating and using ingredients that either aren't as pure as they should be or aren't even listed on the label...
  2. Friday

    For the noobs....

    who may not have seen it yet...and because I like it. :D
  3. Friday

    Russ, need help ID'ing a song...

    It come out in the mid to late 70's. Can't remember who did it but I remember the video showed a decently dress (T and jeans) young man saying to his fur coated Mother 'Mama, Mama please don't need no.... and the chorus was something about 'It's a holiday, a holidaaay.....Mama, Mama please...and...
  4. Friday

    The Winnahs

    Sweet Tooth and Ruby Ripples are tied for the win with their Enchilada and Curry recipes. Nice work ladies, I'll be trying both. You ladies get together and decide how you want to work it OK? (Sorry I'm so behind. Work has been HELL.)
  5. Friday

    Part Two

    The rest as the poll only allows 10.
  6. Friday

    Pick a Winnah!

    Six choices on this list, five on the next. Be sure to look at both.
  7. Friday

    A Question

    If someone who claims to be an FA doesn't like fat girls in general but only fat girls who post provocative pictures, is this person not a Fat User rather than a Fat Admirer?
  8. Friday

    Iron Foodee Challenge for June '08

    OK fellow foodees. I gave it much thought during the week and have decided that this month will have a theme rather than an ingredient. Most of us are heading into the summer. While I love to cook, cooking in an overly warm kitchen is not at all appealing to me but steak and a salad gets old...
  9. Friday

    One thing you just had to share today...
  10. Friday

    Interstitial Cystitis

    I know that I am not the only person on the board that suffers from this. It's an inflammation of the lining of the bladder (there are no cysts involved, no clue how that got in there), and frankly Scarlett, it's kicking my ass right now. I've read just about everything on the net, I've been...
  11. Friday

    Family Photos

    Seeing the beautiful pictures of Mossy's folks made me want to share my favorite picture of my Mom. I had to take a picture of the damn picture because I haven't been able to get the scanner to work since I got my new tower, but It didn't turn out too bad. I'd like to see some other peoples old...
  12. Friday

    Who is your favorite...

    Male Rock and Roll voice of all time. I've been hearing for years that Paul Rodgers is it. Frankly, I ain't hearin' it. The large party I was at tonight was listening to a lot of old, new and <cough> middle aged <cough> rock and roll and the subject came up. There were several candidates...
  13. Friday

    Music video trivia question

    All of us old rockers were talking about our favorite videos from back when MTV was in it's infancy. While the guys were arguing which video had the best cheese cake us ladies were reminiscing about our favorite beef cake. No one could remember which Def Leppard video had Joe Elliot chained to a...
  14. Friday

    Poll - Iron Foodee Challenge for June

    Screwed up, look again.
  15. Friday

    Good idea or bad one? Opinions please.

    I work in a small office in the back corner of a large governmental processing facility. There are seven of us (3 on days, 3 on swing, one midway) plus a boss. We don't all particularly like each other but we have managed to peacefully coexist for years and years. Recently we've been dealing...
  16. Friday

    Iron Foodee Challenge for June 2007

    After much waffling I've finally settled on the showcase ingredient for this month, in part because I really need some good ideas! The ingredient for June is liquors. Anyway you want to use them. Got a great tequila marinade for Q-ing? How about a dessert with a kick? Or a great drink? Help me...
  17. Friday

    Heeeelp! Need today's (4/26) The Price Is Right on video...

    ...or my sister is going to kill her kids and SO. She and my hubby went to see old Bob Barker last month before he retired. She is out of the country this week and the only thing she asked the kids and BF to do while she was gone was Tivo today's airing of the taping they attended on 3/27...
  18. Friday

    Recipes from the food pics thread.

    Since we all often want recipes from various pics posted in the Everyday Food thread, I thought I'd start one. This recipe is for Chili Stacks (pictures here) and it's a hella pot full because I either freeze half the sauce for next time or make two and share one with friends. I also usually...
  19. Friday

    The cookbooks you reach for a LOT!

    What are your favorite cookbooks? The ones you reach for when you need a basic question answered? Or want a new variation on an old favorite dish? Or when you want something to impress? I really like Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything. You turn to a section about say, boneless chicken...
  20. Friday

    Favorite shopping sites

    I for one prefer to stay far away from the mall this time of year. How about helping me out by posting some of your favorite Shopping websites? Here are a few of mine...