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  1. SuperMishe

    RIP Deidrababe

    It is with a heavy heart, that I let anyone not on FB know that my BFF Deidra Daley Murphy passed away this afternoon. She was a wonderful person, a mover and shaker in the Size Acceptance community and a BigCuties model. But of course, she was so much more than all of that. A big, bright...
  2. SuperMishe

    Chicken Pot Pie?

    What's in yours? I've decided that Chicken Pot Pie is my favorite food but I'm finding that people put different things in theirs. Tonight I had it and it was made with white meat chicken, potatoes, peas, celery and mushrooms!! (I do NOT like mushrooms!). And the crust was just a puff pastry...
  3. SuperMishe

    How much do you eat?

    I waffled (heh) back and forth about where to put this... the Main Board, the Health Board, or here, but since we love food so much, I decided the Foodie board was it. However, if a Mod feels it belongs elsewhere, please do move it! Throughout my time in the SA movement, I've heard over and...
  4. SuperMishe

    It's the New Year - Let's Go on a Diet!

    I don't know about you guys but I am NOT looking forward to going to work on Tuesday and listening to everyone talk about their dieting resolutions. Every conversation will be about points, carbs, fat grams, tips and tricks. Sigh. Usually I either ignore it or tell someone I don't want to hear...
  5. SuperMishe

    ? fat girls can't jump

    While driving home on the highway today, I was behind a small black SUV. As I got closer, I read a bumper sticker on the back window that said: Lift It Fat Girls Can't Jump Can someone explain what this means? I'm assuming it's NOT a size positive sticker. He also had an EMT sticker on...
  6. SuperMishe

    Nightline - right now (East coast)

    Very interesting... brain surgery for weight loss.
  7. SuperMishe

    Food Network Magazine - $10

    I'm renewing my subscription and I'm able to add "friends" for $10 per subscription. If anyone wants a subs. I can add your address and when they bill me, you can send or paypal me the money. Let me know! (PM me and give me your addy. [U.S. only - sorry!]) BTW - I LOVE this...
  8. SuperMishe

    BONES next week

    I don't watch the show but the previews show BBWs dancing and they're playing Sir Mix-alot!!
  9. SuperMishe

    Tech-y, computer-y persons needed!

    Can you help me make sense of this article?;jsessionid=QOLUVKJMUOIMDQE1GHPSKH4ATMY32JVN I need to understand it so i can write about it (stupid net-writing!) but I am so LOST! Can you explain it in PLAIN 1st grade english? LOL! Your help is...
  10. SuperMishe

    Sonic in Masschusetts!!!

    Rumor has it a SONIC just opened in Mass!! In Peabody on Rt 1??? I am SO excited!! I can't WAIT to go - I've never been!! What should I get?!?!?! LOL!
  11. SuperMishe

    If you owned a restaurant...?

    What would it look like? What would it's "theme" be? What would you serve and what might be a signature dish? I'd want to own a diner - all 50's kitschy kinda thing - turquoise and black with accents of pink! I'd serve all kinds of diner fare of course and specialize in burgers/fries and...
  12. SuperMishe

    What can I make with...

    I've got 2 dozen eggs and a bag of potatoes that I need to cook before they go bad. I need some type of slow cooker recipe or something that requires very little prep and no stand up cooking time because I'm supposed to be off my feet. I was thiking about slicing the potatoes and putting them...
  13. SuperMishe

    Fat Cars

    I want the first one - I think it sorta looks like ME! LOL!
  14. SuperMishe

    Pant Rant

    Can I just say "Aughhhhhhhhhh!!!" :doh: I don't even know where to begin! I've always been a pants/jeans type of girl. In the summer I might wear some type of sun dress or frock, but for the most part, I'm more comfortable in pants. The PROBLEM is that I don't FIT in pants anymore!! Well...
  15. SuperMishe

    The best way to cook this?

    Ok - I shopped at Stop & Shop instead of my usual place - Market Basket - talk about culture shock! LOL! Anyway, I bought a cut of meat I'm not familiar with (it was all I could afford!). It says "Pork Shoulder Picnic Cut Up" What's the best way to cook this (remember - I only have a...
  16. SuperMishe


    Anyone familiar with this bakeware/pans/pots? Several years ago, someone gave me a pot - I guess it could be called a saucepan. It's white, heavy, similar to Corningware, but the best thing is that it has a removeable handle. I can fit one full can of Progresso soup in it, put it in the...
  17. SuperMishe

    Grocery Stores

    There may have been a thread about this before but... I LOVE grocery stores! Yesterday I went to my monthly scrapbooking crop which is held at a Stop and Shop grocery store close to Boston. Yes, it's weird to crop in a grocery store - LOL! After the crop, I decided to go back into the...
  18. SuperMishe

    Food Network Magazine!

    OMG! Have you seen it? I got the premiere issue in the mail today and I am IN LOVE! The best feature is the bazillion recipes with pics! :D Some of them have two versions too, a "Fancy" version and an "easy" version. Loving it!!
  19. SuperMishe

    Are you invisible?

    I often think about this wonderful world of "teh innertubes". Why do people post in groups and forums and blog their existences. Just the fact that you're here reading this (if anyone is) or responding, makes you part of the cyber world. When I post here on Dims, I find it a mixed bag. I...
  20. SuperMishe

    Did you have an "Aunty Fern"?

    I was lucky to grow up with parents who loved me unconditionally. I never felt "less than" for being a fat kid. But that doesn't mean they didn't try to get me to lose weight "for my own good". I was a lifetime member of the "Gloria Stevens Figure Salon" when I was 12! I followed my Dads Weight...