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  1. Big Beautiful Dreamer

    BHM Finding a Way Home

    It was over. Camp Mexakwixen was no more. The camp (named after the Algonquin for “fresh water”) where I had been first a camper, then a counselor, then a program director and, for five years, the director, had closed. The state grant that had made up fully half our funding had been axed in the...
  2. Big Beautiful Dreamer

    BHM New Khakis

    New Khakis by Big Beautiful Dreamer It was my sister who noticed it first. And honestly, she was the only one in the family who would have said something. The others lacked the necessary schadenfreude. I had always prided myself in staying in shape and in having the same waist...
  3. Big Beautiful Dreamer

    Pink Cloud

    ~BHM, ~BBW, ~~WG. After quitting drinking, Dylan is surprised to find weight gain rather than loss. Pink Cloud One of the benefits I had expected from finally quitting drinking was that I would lose weight. After all, I had been pouring thousands of calories a day down my throat, and...
  4. Big Beautiful Dreamer


    ~BHM, ~~WG. It doesn't do to forget about the pie. Miscalculation by Big Beautiful Dreamer I had never been so full in my life: not even close. I sat on the sofa, trying hard not to move because I was so stuffed that it hurt to move. Hell, it hurt to breathe. My belly felt as though it was...
  5. Big Beautiful Dreamer

    Treasure Island

    ~BHM, ~BBW, ~~WG. A young lady at home with her curves meets a young man who has some learning to do. Treasure Island The beach was not crowded – one of the advantages of having a Wednesday-Sunday work week instead of a Monday-Friday one. I thunked and opened the umbrella, set down...