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  1. mottiemushroom

    It's Xmas at Cowpat Cottage

    Whey hey my baby boy (all 6ft 6in of him lol) is home at last. The week after his 18th birthday he moved away with work & i hadn't seen him for 6 months. We'd kept in touch naturally, & managed to open a couple of prezzies together online xmas eve. But xmas just wasn't the same without him -...
  2. mottiemushroom

    What do you do when on hols from work?

    Well many think i have tempted fate by booking bonfire week off work - considering my long list of disaster hols. But so far so good. Yesterday my son paid me back some money i lent him when he was off sick a while back - so i went & brought 2 new carpets. Which meant today i have been...
  3. mottiemushroom

    Xmas preparations

    Ok i know it's early , but with my youngest son working away (his first xmas away from home) i am having to send his stuff down with his middle brother tomorrow (since the postal service keeps going on strike here in the UK). We're having a normal xmas day here then doing it all again at the...
  4. mottiemushroom

    A Mushroom Mishap

    I am checkout operator in a large supermarket chain; as part of our duties we have to clean the checkouts daily. Yesterday we were particularly short staffed yet the boss had left us extra cleaning duties to be done, so i ended up staying late to help out. So from noon until 7pm i was...
  5. mottiemushroom

    My Aunt Rosie

    I finished my shift at work at 9pm looking forward to having a week's hols at home sorting out my jungle of a garden. I should have known better cos whenever i have hols something always goes wrong. I got a call at 10pm telling me my Aunt Rosie had died. She was 87, but it was sudden &...
  6. mottiemushroom


    I was checking out my eldest son's profile page on my space earlier, & what i saw made me cry. Under the heading "heroes" he had put: my mum. He was diagnosed as insulin dependant diabetic just before his 16th birthday - right in the middle of his GCSE exams, & precisely when he wanted to...
  7. mottiemushroom

    ever had the feeling you're not meant to have a holiday?

    I've been back in full time employment for 2 yrs now - that adds up to a total of 10 weeks holiday. Apart from one, where i went off to Holland to challenge myself by going alone, all have been disasters. If i've not been ill, it's been things like my cooker catching fire, my toilet pipe...
  8. mottiemushroom

    I'm Not Fat ....

    Well, well, well who would have thought it .... apparently i am not fat - it's just the big kid inside of me trying to get out ;) :rolleyes: :D I was told this today at work by a colleague who is well used to all my wind ups & merriment :D
  9. mottiemushroom

    Back at last !!!

    Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy I'm back online with me own PC again :D Thanks to the kind donation of me son's girlfriend of her old PC - he should marry her ;) It's so good to not have to beg & borrow to get back in Dims :D
  10. mottiemushroom

    mushroom message

    I just wanted to say hi & let you know i haven't abandoned you. I have though, managed to kill my pc :( & am relying on borrowing a friend's laptop & going on my son's pc when he isn't on it. It's just not the same though & i find myself getting withdrawal symptoms not being able to get into...
  11. mottiemushroom

    Rebel Mushroom

    For some odd reason work has suddenly gotten really petty over silly rules, & we're all getting sick of it. Most people just complain to mates but NOT to management, some ignore it & carry on regardless ... me, well i had to have my say lol We've always been allowed to wear 2 rings at work...
  12. mottiemushroom

    Great Love

    I personally believe we love each individual slightly differently (ie tailor made cos of their individuality) & that we have the capacity to love many people in our life time. But i do believe that, when it comes to partners, we only have ONE GREAT LOVE in a life time. What's your opinion...
  13. mottiemushroom

    Licence to doss!!!

    I got my blood test results today - i've had a virus that has turned into rheumatic fever, making all my joints painful. As a result i've been signed off work to make sure i rest (& warned it could take weeks until i am better:( ). Relieved at last to know what is wrong, but frustrated at...
  14. mottiemushroom

    New Year Wishes

    I just want to wish you all a very happy, healthy & prosperious 2007:D love from Mottie & her mushlettes:kiss2:
  15. mottiemushroom

    1,000 post

    Wow time has flown since i first posted - can't believe this is my 1,00th one :shocked: Thanks to you all for making me feel so welcome :kiss2:
  16. mottiemushroom

    Just when you think ya kids have grown up ....

    I've had a stressful week - serves myself right i guess for patting myself on the back, believing i was all organised for Christmas & that my lads were all sorted out !! At 1.30 am Wednesday i got a phone call from the local police telling me my son (20yrs old & doesn't live at home -...
  17. mottiemushroom

    Best & worst chat up lines

    worst: Whilst staring at my chest a guy asked if he could f**k me standing up cos he was scared of heights. You look good in uniform, but i bet you look better out of it. I've just brought some viagra - would you like to help me test it? best: I once asked a guy with a stutter...
  18. mottiemushroom

    Had the most perfect feel good night last night

    After weeks & weeks of careful preperation, & many hitches & glitches along the way, my friend Wendie got married yesterday. She's a BBW & like me, more of a tomboy than a girlie girl. But for her wedding she pulled out all the stops - including having her wedding dress shipped in from USA...
  19. mottiemushroom

    Reasons to be stranded on a desert island with a BBW

    My best friend Tom was cuddled up to me watching TV the other night when he suddenly announced he would love to be stranded on a desert island with me. Apparently i would be his ideal person to be stranded with because of the benefits of my size: 1. If he was starving i would feed him for...
  20. mottiemushroom

    Blind dates

    Has anyone had any experiance of blind dates ( & i don't mean the fruit cos we all know they are blind ;) )? A friend has informed me that she has set me up with a blind date on monday ( i shall know whether to kiss or kill here by tuesday lol) totally out of the blue :eek: Obviously i shall...