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  1. Yukikaze

    Looking San Francisco Vacation

    Hi I am a single, straight overworked I.T. professional that will be vacationing for almost 2 weeks (Sept 27th on) in and around the San Francisco area. I'm interested in making friends to hangout with (drinks, dinner, parks etc) while there. I am considering relocating to Cali in the next 2...
  2. Yukikaze

    Looking Chicago Vacation

    I am single, university educated professional that works too much. I am taking a vacation to visit Chicago for the first time March 17th through the 23rd. I am primarily going to see architecture. I am also interested in unique pubs, bars and love seafood. I am interested in making friends to...
  3. Yukikaze

    SSBBW clothes shops in Las Vegas ?

    I am going to spend several days in Vegas with a SSBBW friend - are there any good shops you can recommend to buy sexy, revealing dresses/skirts/blouses etc for a SSBBW ?