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  1. Famouslastwords

    Snow Cream

    As someone who's relatively new to snow, I was wondering if people still make snow cream (my boyfriend told me about it being something they used to do when he lived here before). J's mom said if they do it they don't do it the first snowfall but that's all we've had. It sounds yummy. So...
  2. Famouslastwords


    This is a thread where you state your unpopular opinion unabashedly and unashamed! I'll start: Godiva chocolate is gross. Eminem's Encore and Relapse were really good! Burping in public IS funny. Freddy Got Fingered was worth buying simply for "the backwards man" part.
  3. Famouslastwords

    Why do YOU hate teh fatz?

    Seems like certain people around here hate the fatz. WHY I OUTTA!
  4. Famouslastwords

    Weight related things your bfs do that you should be more appreciative of!

    I was just thinking that those of us with good men don't always appreciate them like we should, it's human nature to look for the flaws in something and dwell on them. Here's a thread to celebrate the little extra things our guys do for us just because we're fat. 1) My boyfriend always...
  5. Famouslastwords

    The Sheraton at the Reed Conference Center- Midwest, OK

    I just got done traveling cross country for a move. I stayed at the Sheraton at the Reed Conference Center in Midwest, Oklahoma. I arrived just shortly after 5 a.m. on a prepaid reservation. The attendant told me that when I called to make sure I can get a late check in and told him how far...
  6. Famouslastwords

    3 yr anniversary

    This month is my 3 yr anniversary at DIMS! Not counting lurking of course (but who does?)
  7. Famouslastwords

    Christmas Loot Thread 2009

    Post your crap! My boyfriend's been trying to make up for a year of not being able to buy me much... First we went and picked out a pair of black and white diamond earrings and a ring to match and put them on my credit but he's going to pay the bill. Then he got me: All four Twilight books...
  8. Famouslastwords

    Fantasy ruining reality

    This isn't exactly a BBW issue persay but more of a woman issue. If it's in the wrong forum, please move it. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I wonder if fantasy ruins reality for a lot of us? Maybe fantasy just ruins reality for me. For example, I read the Twilight books, and...
  9. Famouslastwords

    HELP! Pick a picture

    If this belongs in a different forum please move it. I'm applying for Torrid's House of Dreams Model Search and I want you to help me pick my picture before I print out an 8 x 10! So which do you like picture 1 or picture 2?
  10. Famouslastwords

    7-11 Free Slurpies at 7-11

    Because it's 7-11 there's free slurpies at 7-11 GO GET THEM BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! (They're 7.11 oz so might as well hit a few 7-11s).
  11. Famouslastwords

    It's LOLJesus Day

    Lol, I thought the LOLJesus pics in the other thread were hilarious so I figured I'd make a thread for them like the Caturday thread.
  12. Famouslastwords

    The immature but funny things we do thread.

    I'm a gal that loves to moon people as much or more than other people I know. But there are times when mooning people goes a little too far. And that's when I do it! I went to Arizona this past New Years to visit my sister-in-law who I haven't seen in the past 11 years. When they arrived...
  13. Famouslastwords

    Avenue and Corsets Dear God!

    Ladies! Avenue is totally carrying corsets for the moment. I bought one to try it out and see how it fits, but they come in up to a size 30/32 It's under the Body Lingerie/Sexy Nights Lingerie and theres a few types! I bought the Versailles Brocade Corset and I'm a little...
  14. Famouslastwords

    Too fat to get a job?

    I wonder, because I haven't looked for a job in four years (in which time I blew up to a SSBBW.) Is there such a thing as too fat to get a job? I had a work counselor tell me I wouldn't get a job/it would be hard to get a job if I didn't lose weight. Surely some of you have had to apply for...