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  1. NewfieGal

    Happy Birthday Mimosa

    Hope you have a very super awesome birthday! With loads of fun, presents etc, may your day be as nice and special as you are!!!! :cool:
  2. NewfieGal

    Bad Habits

    There is so much good in everyone here but yas gotta have some bad habits... let me start by saying hello my names Nicole and I'm a nail biter not as bad as some I've seen but its still a bad habit ah well guess I'm not perfect lol :D
  3. NewfieGal

    Anyone else have a problem with size limits on hospital equipment

    Hi was just wondering if anyone has had trouble get diagnostic imaging done due to a weight limit size on the machinery... I live in a country where growing obesity is prevalent yet the equipment hospitals purchase are not up to par at least not here where I live... I was supposed to get a Bone...
  4. NewfieGal

    Happy Birthday Mathias

    Hope you have a fantastic day, filled with lots of happiness and of course presents and cake lol
  5. NewfieGal

    Favorite Music

    I like the baker's dozen music thread but it got me thinking, what is everyone's favorite song or band, is it a dance song, a slow song, etc and why is it your favorite song or band?
  6. NewfieGal

    Would you do it?

    I was wondering if any of you would move or have moved to be with someone you have met online... my friend met someone years ago on a chat site, met him they started dating... just last week on one of her trips to see him she got married and is now leaving here to go move where he lives... it...
  7. NewfieGal

    Who chats outside this place?

    Hey folks, Once again I am sure this is a topic that is beat to death but I thought I'd bring around fresh again... just wondering if anyone talks to people from the site on like yahoo or msn messenger? Do you text or call or do you keep yourself confined to the site and not let it leak into...
  8. NewfieGal

    Can someone help me?

    Ok so I have figured out how to quote and like to post but I am still exploring the site so I clicked on User CP and there is a few posts there and something about I was wondering what it is and how does someone gain reputation is it by posts or what people say about you and if...
  9. NewfieGal

    Haven't seen any mention of it?

    Hey I've looked through a lot of threads but haven't seen anyone mention Face Book either in a good way or a bad way, I didn't see a page for Dimensions on there just wondering who uses it who likes it who doesn't... me I love it I like looking at pics and using apps and its an easy way to find...
  10. NewfieGal

    Hi its nice to be here

    New to this site, found it by accident but glad I recommended I introduce myself so here I am lol... I am a 30 year old SSBBW from Newfoundland and its nice to find another place where there is size hello from Newfie :)