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    Acceptance Throughout History; Favorites

    Sorry for interrupting with all this. The only thing I can think of historically are some stereograph photos I have from 1890's and early 1900's. The KeyStone company made stereograph viewers in the 19th and 20th century. When you look through the eyeglasses, the photo becomes 3-dimensional. One...
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    Acceptance Throughout History; Favorites

    Here're some example of the studies OP: From one perspective, maybe men--who prefer smaller breasts--are trying to find a woman who won't compete with larger breasted woman...
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    Acceptance Throughout History; Favorites

    It's sad. I was in another unrelated forum-and one thing or another led to this: You know I'm tired of woman/men who hate on men just because they like how woman with some fat look, even if it's not a lot. I'm tired of being talked down to and told I'm...
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    am I weird

    To continue my post above, I'm going to offer an opinion about FA's. I think the exact opposite of the MFA (male fat admirer) is the FSA (female skinny admirer). The FSA doesn't like lots of muscle on a man. Because it's opposite, it's equivalent to a MFA who doesn't like too much skinny on a...
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    am I weird

    It's fiarly damn common. Anybody denying it here is throwing up smoke. My estimate is 40% guys are like this, in that they prefer fatter hour glass shapes, maybe up to 50%. One of the reasons there's so much stigma is because of feminism. It's all about control. Whenever they find the...
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    FA Frustrations

    That reminds me more of a introverted person. And their trouble isn't being focused on a single person but not possessing the skills to interact socially under all conditions.. Who ever focuses on a single person? To develop social skills, we have to talk to a variety of people. Having a single...
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    FA Frustrations

    Regardless how uncomfortable it's for you to dress nicely and use makeup and all that, people generally respond more positively to others if it looks like they put effort into their appearance. I know it's harder for you to dress nicely because of your weight and available clothing choices.
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    My Fiance Doesn't Understand the Attraction of Fat Women

    I tihnk we need to turn more often to the musle attraction for clarity. A woman might not understand why a man would like fat. She strives to get rid of it. She likes how her body looks when there's less fat. It's the same but in reverse for a body builder. They like how muscle looks on their...
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    Lookism and #MeToo

    It depends how you respond too. Is the person exploiting you in a threatening way? I once was spanked at work by female coworker. I imagine some peolpe in my position would have filed a sexual harassment claim??? Either way, I was young and the feminist movement wasn't even on my radar. I. Was...
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    Could fat drive the next step in evolution?

    What about epigenetics.How might it tie into this? I'm not a strongly knowledgeable person on this subject, so I googled and will put a link here: The first time I bumped into this topic I was reading a study about bullying. Forgive me, but...
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    Marriage by the Numbers

    As the article says, men and woman are marrying at the highest ages ever in the US. This means fewer children. This fits what's expected of first world countries. Our replacement rate is 2.0. 2.1 is need to keep a population steady...
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    body positivity versus reality

    IMHO the biggest thing you can do is look past appearance. I got great respect for anybody accomplishing that. Taht's what I hope I strive for, if it ever comes to that. I don't want to be so shallow. We can do better. Body positivity is probably more about being able to appreciate what's...
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    Why I hate social media and events

    Look for love first. That's what everybody wants end of the day. If you were just looking for a body you can get a blow up doll or get some porn. To look for love try to be your best. Strong relationships happen when we're not too busy looking for what's unimportant, I think. There're lots of...
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    'Chubby Chaser' - A TVO, Canadian film documentary

    (removed my prior comment.) I'll have to watch that interview tomorrow see what i think about it.
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    fetishes and the FA

    You're exactly right. Which is why I think this is a lost cause. I was once eating some tasty and an older gentleman in his 60's whispered to me "Hey, you like hte thick woman too? So soft. Their big hips, you can never get enough!?" Those might not be the exact words, but it's the idea. He's...
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    fetishes and the FA

    Yep. I've pondered if fetish for large breasts or butts is in fact fetish for fat, but in a socially acceptable form, or maybe a premature version? Maybe some people never develop it further and never like BBW types. Stretching it that far might make some people uncomfortable. Sorry for posting.
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    fetishes and the FA

    I've thoght about this a lot. I'm still a virgin. But I think I might go with the thin one because I feel guilty liking bigger woman. And relationship shouldn't be about looks, it should be about personality. If you can beat the looks early on, then later if something happens you're more...
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    Only in the FA World

    I can't think of a bigger issue with FA or anything remotely related to BBW. There's a very real health concern for obese people. But there's a taboo too. And there's definitely some crony capitalism going on. There're woman who should be loving and enjoying life and can't because of...
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    Wife has lost weight- Does it get easier?

    We shouldn't because beauty is skin deep. And my comment is regarding the OP. If you were with your special someone for several years, after making a vow to be with her through bad and good, and she lost so much weight she's skinny, would you stay with her, or would you be honest with her? If...