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    I'm coming out...

    ...of the phone booth. Um, WTF?!? Some of you may have been wondering what this was about last year. A lot has happened in that short year. Someone outed me to my brewclub, so if they can know my friends at...
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    Want some candy little girl?

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    Just think

    If the Indians had given the Pilgrims a donkey instead, we would all be getting a piece of ass today.
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    OMG, was she an FFA?

    Prior to when you knew FFAs existed, have you every looked back at someone in your past and now realize they were an FFA because they were attracted to you or perhaps another BHM? I'm 100% sure a former manager of the company I work for now who has moved to another region was an FFA.
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    My one year anniversary at Dimensions

    Hmmmm. This place is still standing. I guess I'm losing my touch. I really don't think I've contributed much beyond the ocassional 1-liner and a few stories in the Library. Now long have you been on Dimensions, and how do you think you have influenced it?
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    Lesbian temple maidens!

    OK, now that I have your attention, since I wrote a gay fic for DIMS, I felt I needed to write a lesbian fic as well.
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    That Which is of Woman – By victim (~SSBBW, Fantasy, Magic, Explicit Lesbian ~Sex)

    ~SSBBW, Fantasy, Magic, Explicit Lesbian ~Sex – Demon slaying Amazonian warriors AND lesbian temple maidens. You can't beat the classics! That Which is of Woman [by [email protected] Chapter 1 – The Great Demon Maw Leena Harkor crouched behind a withered tree. The...
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    Sympathy pains

    There are things I hear from my wife that just make me want to go hit somthing/someone, but if we aren't there, there really isn't anything we can do about it. Things like having to deliberately eat a smaller lunch than she wants to because there is no private space to eat, and she doesn't...
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    Killer robots, Cyber Warriors, and... Gay Sex?!?

    Well, as promised, but perhaps a bit late...
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    BHM Fuzzy Logic – By Victim (SSBHM, Science Fiction, Explicit ~Gay ~Sex)

    SSBHM, Science Fiction, Explicit ~Gay ~Sex -Two men discover each other while fighting to survive a war that seems impossible to win Fuzzy Logic By [email protected] The searing pain coming from my eyes jolted me awake. I could close them, but the painful burning that filled my...
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    'The Making of Me: John Barrowman'

    Did anyone else here watch this and think it was OK, but there was a LOT missing? There was no mention of the Kinsey scale or how bisexuality fits into it. Although since it was mostly John seeking his own 'why', I feel there should at least been some mention.
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    Unfortunately there are gay bashers in our own midst...

    Not even DIMS chat is safe from this crap. -Sausalito- no, lesbianism is wrong. so is homosexuality in general -Sausalito- homosexuality is sadly a broken circuit I imagine mods are probably going to delete this, but the above was NOT a PM, and not limited to just a couple lines.
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    Any geeks here going to Norwescon?

    I'm pretty sure from the sheer population at that convention some of them have to be DIMs people!
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    Mattress recommendations?

    We're looking for a new mattress/box spring set. We'd like a king, but due to space limitations we'll have to settle for a queen size. We don't want a hard mattress but still need it to hold its shape.
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    Are you an FA and a BBW/BHM?

    I'd like to hear from others like me, who are fat but also have a preference for fat partners. What is it like to deal with both fat and FA issues at the same time? For me, I get the "I know you're fat too, but you can do better than THAT..." attitude from some people. I also get the...
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    XL by Victim (~FFA, SSBHM, Science Fiction, Romance)

    ~FFA, SSBHM, Science Fiction, Romance – A husband and wife separated by time and space struggle against an oppressive society. [Authors Note: I originally published this story in the print anthology The Fat Man at the End of the World from , it was a non-exclusive contract...
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    (F)FA and fatties can be villians too. Or can they?

    One of the stories kicking around in my head begging to be written has an FA as the antagonist. Even worse, it is told from their point of view. Would a story like this be welcomed here?
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    The Straight But Not Narrow Thread

    This thread is for the straight forumers to show their support for the GLBTQ community. I'd like to chip in by paying respects to one of my favorite performers, Alexander James Adams, formerly Heather Alexander, who transitioned gender to male. I never miss a chance to see him perform live...
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    Rio Vista High.. (Ch 1-3, complete) - By Victim (~FFA, ~BHM, ~BBW, Magic, Adventure)

    ~FFA, ~BHM, ~BBW, Magic, Adventure - Young women coming of age share a love of the big boys, a secret power, and an unknown destiny. Rio Vista High aka The Rio Vista High School Senior Girls Bridge Club and Conquistadors Defensive Line Appreciation Society A young adult adventure - Episode...
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    Movies only YOU hate

    Okay, the 'movies only YOU liked' thread is off to a good start. So let's look at the other side. What movies do everyone else think are great and you don't like? Mine: Spiderman 3 - REALLY boring. American Psycho - many people think this is the deepest thing since the Marianas...