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    Pop or Soda?

    We Cali girls say soda.
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    fear of gaining.

    Like how long? Days, weeks, months?
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    What Not To Wear and women's body issues

    Hi my name is Lori and I am a What Not To Wear addict.... Seriously though, I personally love the show. I tape all the shows (even the reruns) on the dvr. I love Stacy and Clinton they are great. It has been said before but I love how confident and beautiful the women feel after they have...
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    yEaH yEaH

    Welcome to the boards Bri Bri
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    comfort tricks of the fat girl/boy trade

    My understanding is that it comes from insulin resistence. To me it would make sense that if you were no longer insulin resistenant than the dark skin should go away. But I do not know that for sure. Then there is the problem of getting rid of the insulin resistence :(
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    Post your favorite pasta salad recipe.

    Fuzzy Are we related????? LOL:)
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    Post your favorite pasta salad recipe.

    add a diced yellow onion can of sliced olives (drain the juice) dill pickle relish ( I usually pour a little of the juice in too) and salt and pepper to taste Thats my mom's famous macaroni salad everybody loves it *** we used to slice the whole olives and dice dill pickles but it is...
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    Post your favorite pasta salad recipe.

    What is Hellmans ?
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    Post your favorite pasta salad recipe.

    Italian Pasta Salad 1lb of med shaped pasta 1 cup of cubed mozerella 1 sm pkg of salami cut in quarters 1/2 sm pkg of pepperoni cut in half 1 can of whole olives drained 1 cucumber sliced and halved 1/2 of a purple onion cut any way you want I like to slice and seperate( I like onion...
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    A Big Hello from Cali

    Hey Adrian, Thanks for the welcome:)
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    Would you believe I got married?

    Beautiful dress and gorgeous location. Congratulations and wishing you mnay years of happiness.
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    A Big Hello from Cali

    Hey Bruceman sorry I missed your post, came home and pretty much went to bed. I have a stupid head cold and feel like crap. If you do move out this way though, I am sure the hubby and I could meet you for dinner.
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    A Big Hello from Cali

    Ahhh Mr. Bruceman you are so true. I suggest however to go east a little like El Cajon or Lakeside (about 20 minutes from downtown San Diego) There are a few more of us big girls out here. ;) . Thanks for the welcome. What brings you to San Diego? Was it TRL live for summer break ? It was...
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    A Big Hello from Cali

    Thank you GPL... I certainly am enjoying Dimensions so far. so much good info and some really nice people too;)
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    Secret Fantasy Job

    Well recently, since looking at Diminsions Forums, my secret fantasy job would be a plus size internet model.:shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
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    Newbie Here :)

    Welcome to all of the newbies... Hey Sheila from another San Diegan
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    fear of gaining.

    W0W... I was just talking about this tonight. I am totally at that point. I agree with all of the posts. I am at the highest I have ever been and I am starting to feel the effects. I do not want to loose mobility. In fact, I want the opposite. I want to run and jump more. I do agree that...
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    Name a song from the last letter

    That Loving Feeling - The Righteous Brothers G is next
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    Name a song from the last letter

    Tempature - by Sean paul E again
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    Bra fitting

    You all gave me some great Ideas.... thanks for he help. Oh and I hate it when I buy stuff I dont want because I kinda got pushed into it. I dont fall for it as much as I used to...but occasionally it does still happen.