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  1. Shosh

    Rest In Peace Kara

    Our wonderful friend and Dimensions poster Kara ( Theatrmuse/Kara) has passed away. She fought such a courageous battle with cancer for the last few years, enduring chemotherapy and such ill health. Kara was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and friend to many here and in her sphere in the...
  2. Shosh

    Please pray for Darlene

    The beautiful Darlene Cates, who is a friend to many of us on Facebook, as well as being the sweetest lady has just undergone major surgery in hospital in Texas. She has a ways to go, so your prayers for her good health and recovery would be wonderful. It would also be great if her Facebook...
  3. Shosh

    Happy Birthday Kendra

    Kendra I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. You are a very sweet person.:)
  4. Shosh

    Could somebody help me?

    Hi friends, Here is my dilemma. I have been searching everywhere here for green gingham chair pads for my dining table chairs. I need four green gingham cushions. I have not been able to find them here. My home has a green and white theme. I finally found green gingham chair pads...
  5. Shosh

    Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary Moore2Me

    I want to wish one of my most special friends here a very happy 30th wedding anniversary. What an acheivement, what a milestone! It is getting rarer and rarer that couples stay married for that long these days. You should be well proud of yourselves. I want to wish you and your husband...
  6. Shosh

    Happy New Year Dimmers!

    It is a little over two hours away until Australia rings in the New Year. I want to wish all of my friends here, those I know, and those I haven't interacted with yet, a Happy and prosperous New Year! xoxo Susannah
  7. Shosh

    "Precious" the movie

    Has anybody seen Precious the movie? I want to see it when it is released here in Australia, which it has not been as yet. It looks like a very powerful and important story. I might read the book "Push" by Sapphire. The movie is based upon the book.
  8. Shosh

    I have deactivated my Facebook page again

    I have deactivated my Facebook page because I am sick of my family. I need my private life. They are a bunch of jerks.:mad: They have been at me about my weight, and I am sick of it. They can be a bunch of loudmouthed jerks. Sorry to my friends here who communicate with me through...
  9. Shosh

    Happy Birthday Aletha BBW

    Happy Birthday Aletha! What can I say about you? You are funny and smart, have smashing style, and are a friend to many here. I hope the coming year brings you many special moments, and lots of happiness. Chag Chanukah Sameach!:D Shoshana
  10. Shosh

    Matt Lucas' Ex Husband found dead

    Such sad news about Matt Lucas' ( Little Britain star) ex husband Kevin Mc Gee being found dead after committing suicide. This couple wed in a civil ceremony in the UK in 2006, and made history by being the first celebrity gay couple to divorce. I am a Little Britain fan, and think Matt...
  11. Shosh

    Happy Birthday Denise W!

    Happy Happy Birthday Denise! I hope it is a wonderful day for you.:) xo Shoshie
  12. Shosh

    Happy Happy Birthday Buffie!

    Happy Birthday Buff! Such a witty and brilliant gal you are.:D xoxo Shoshie
  13. Shosh

    L'Shana Tova!

    I want to wish all my Yidden here Happy New Year! Rosh Hashanah is symbolically very special to me. I am going to dip some apple in honey and I am going to have a happy and sweet New Year.:) I am thinking of my beloved deceased Grandparents Bela and Kati today. L'Shana Tova!
  14. Shosh

    Happy Birthday Gangstadawg

    Happy Birthday Trey. :) You are adoreable, and have been a fun friend to me here, and at MySpace. :kiss2: Susannah
  15. Shosh

    Our Darling Doggies thread

    I am a dog lover through and through. Dogs all the way!:D Holla at me dog lovers!:p Let's show off pics of our pampered pooches, our coddled canines, our precious pups. I will go first. Here is my Labrador Cindy. She is my sunshine.:wubu:
  16. Shosh

    American Idol, is this for real?

    I heard that Victoria Beckham ( Posh Spice) is to replace Paula Abdul as a judge? She has no talent herself, so who is she to judge others?:D Who made that decision?:eek::p
  17. Shosh

    Happy Birthday Friday

    I am getting this party started early being that I am ahead in time in Australia. Happy Birthday Friday! You are a great person. I appreciate you a lot.:) I know you love cats, so here is a cat having some birthday slurpee!:D xoxo Shosh
  18. Shosh

    Wagimawr's Birthday thread

    Dude did you get a birthday thread in your honor for June 7th? I have looked but cannot see one!:eek::D Happy Birthday darling.:):kiss2:
  19. Shosh

    Regarding my Facebook page

    I usually would not make a public announcement, but people have sent me PM's asking me why I have deactivated my Facebook account. Frankly it is NOT about anybody here. You are my treasured friends. I think if a family member makes you cry on your birthday then something is wrong. I...
  20. Shosh

    Shoshie stacks it on

    What looks better? I am thinking of just loving and embracing my new jiggly shape.:D Susannah in 2008 with my glorious nephew Marcus Susannah in 2009 this past weekend.