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  1. Upstate New York Foodee

    Tess Munster

    Turns out that the chick who was the face of the "Heavy" show is a very cute and stylish alt model named Tess Munster. She's so adorable and her photos have some of the coolest styling I've ever seen. Thought you guys might want to check out her Facebook Fan Page. Such fun photos!
  2. Upstate New York Foodee

    North African/Middle Eastern food in Manhattan

    Greetings my fellow foodees, I have a special occasion coming up and I'd really like to hit up a North African/Middle Eastern type of joint in Manhattan. I don't want to drag my party of 6 to Brooklyn, Queens, SI or the Bronx. Figured Manhattan would be easiest. Sure I can enter "North African...
  3. Upstate New York Foodee

    The vasectomy thread

    My man wants to get a vasectomy. We would like to be childfree for life. I should really be the last woman on Earth to get pregnant as I wholly lack maternal instinct. Even as a child I rejected baby dolls and being pregnant at 18 felt like having a terrible disease(I terminated the pregnancy)...
  4. Upstate New York Foodee

    "In other news we're taking away Karl Lagerfeld's laptop"

  5. Upstate New York Foodee

    Sensationalism at it's worst yet again; "Family Too Fat To Work"

    *sigh* The tone of it angered me too much for me to make a proper comment right now.
  6. Upstate New York Foodee

    Wacky NYC theme restaurants?

    One of my friends appointed me to the duty of trying to find this year's wacky theme restaurant for an upcoming birthday dinner? New York City and New Jersey is our target area. We've already been to Trailer Park Lounge, The Slaughtered Lamb Pub, Waikiki Wally's, Otto's Shrunken Head, Lucky...
  7. Upstate New York Foodee

    I wonder who the "brains" behind this yucky billboard was..

    I apologize if this has been posted before, so don't beat me with a stick, beat the "brains" behind the billboard.
  8. Upstate New York Foodee

    So this is what is considered "fat"in Brazil

    Karolina Kurkova is too fat in Brazil -sigh-
  9. Upstate New York Foodee

    Christmas boobies for a good cause or why I wish that I lived in Cali

    I'd love to go to that art show. Too bad that I only found out about it now and from the Flavor of Love blog of all places. It just looks fun :)
  10. Upstate New York Foodee

    Womanly Question

    There isn't a health board and I know that more women come to this board than anywhere else, so I thought that it would be the best place to ask this question. The Foodee Board, Main Board, WLS Board and Weight Board just seemed inappropriate. So, my friend had an argument about this. I am...
  11. Upstate New York Foodee

    Top Chef 2

    I hope that it is okay to post about a foodee related reality show on the foodee board. Wasn't sure if this was better suited for the lounge or here, but here it goes anyway. Who is your favorite? Who is the hottest? Who do you think will will? My favorite so far is Elia although she...
  12. Upstate New York Foodee

    Buffet wimps

    Sometimes my lack of common sense astounds me. I go to a $30 a person buffet at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, NJ and I quit after 2 plates of food and a tiny dessert plate.Not only do I wimp out, but I totally felt like I just swallowed a rock the entire night. Please tell me that I am...
  13. Upstate New York Foodee

    Madrid Bans super skinny models from fashion week

    I'm not a bbw, but saw this on Yahoo and immediately thought of this forum.;_ylt=AiCyigcEzKv3MOY40EGgSqJg.3QA;_ylu=X3oDMTA4b3FrcXQ0BHNlYwMxNjkz
  14. Upstate New York Foodee

    Scariest "Twilight Zone Episodes" now with Wikipedia

    Mine has to be "How to Serve Man". I'm afraid of aliens as all get out! Wiki link: I don't want them to harvest my organs and cook me in an intergalactic stew.
  15. Upstate New York Foodee

    New Pepsi Jazz: Strawberries and Creme Great stuff! What's this I hear though? Diet Black Cherry Vanilla had a limited run???? :shocked: POR QUE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  16. Upstate New York Foodee

    Cooking for company on a diet?

    I'm having a neurotic friend over for a party. She counts carbs, calories and the like. Do you guys by any chance know any links to recipe cites that offer stuff that is healthy and doesn't taste like butt? Keep in mind that I'm a foodee and I WANNA BE ABLE TO EAT that stuff too! And sites that...