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    Don't you hate it when

    when you drop something but your belly won't allow you to bend further?
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    How do I edit my writing? I really want to, but I can’t.
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    Hana was a skinny girl, who liked beach activities and fun, but always didn't have what others had; boobs, but let's skip to the main point. She found a magical site, called, where the three Bs stood for Big, Beautiful, and Better. She immediately thought this was...
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    BBW Stand

    Yua was a fat admirer, who just found herself to be, a lesbian. Yui was a chubby girl who had no friends. Yua and Yui had a feeder-feedee relationship, and Yua certainly fattened Yui up like a pig, and Yui loved that she was expanding. By the time Yui passed her 400-pound mark, and had trouble...
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    Cow Fantasies

    I wear a VR goggle that renders my body to look like a cow, and a voice calls from above, and it says I should reach the wanted weight, six hundred pounds. Whenever I cry out, it's replaced by cow sounds in the headset I'm wearing. I get fed constantly with a trough, every day, every hour...
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    I noticed everything becomes the double as you gain weight. 1. Your chins 2. Your size and weight(this might quadruple, like me) 3. How much it is hard to wear shoes and clothes. 4. Your belly 5. How much you use on your food 6. How much you want to eat.