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  1. kaylaisamachine

    Need some BBW advice

    So as some of you might know from the Couple thread, I'm dating a non-FA. He's never been with a bigger girl before, at least to my extent. So, I normally have confidence and find myself attractive most times, and he tells me he does too. He tells me my body doesn't bother him and he often will...
  2. kaylaisamachine

    Where are all the younger FA/BBW/BHM/FFA's at?

    I know we're out there. Not that I believe we should post to a forum considering our age because I post in all the other ones myself, but I'm just curious to know how many of us are out there. I have made some great friends on here who have been much older than me, but I want to make some more...
  3. kaylaisamachine

    Bathing Suit Season

    So, as you all know, it's summer. I've been wanting to go swimming, but I am tired of not having a bathing suit. Now that I have been becoming more confident with my body, I've been wanting to get one. However, all of the places I have been looking at such as Torrid or Lane Bryant have been...
  4. kaylaisamachine


    I'm just curious if there is anyone out there who watches So You Think You Can Dance? And if so, who are your favorites?! I am definitely heartbroken that Melanie and Marco will be split apart next week but I think it will be interesting to see everyone apart with someone else. Sasha also is one...