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  1. AshleyEileen

    Old Navy Mystery Codes

    Did anyone else get the email this morning? It contained a mystery code for 15%-50% off your purchase. I checked 4 different emails and they were all for 15% off. Did anyone get anything better? If you aren't going to use your code, could you let me? My boo and I need new clothes and...
  2. AshleyEileen

    Punk Goes Classic Rock

    Why doesn't this exist?
  3. AshleyEileen

    Help: Birthday Attire for a Night Out

    So, I have friends coming in the weekend of the 18th for my birthday. We'll be going out a few times (i.e. dinner, casino, etc.) and I haven't the slightest idea on what to wear. :confused: Any ideas? I have about $200 to work with and may already have some pieces in my wardrobe. Nothing I...
  4. AshleyEileen

    LB's New "Right Fit Strategy"

    Lane Bryant is changing. That's great! However, I'm a bit upset about a few things with the new Right Fit Strategy. The main points are: All light denim washes have been discontinued. Bye, bye flares! They're discontinued too. No more medium blue (bright blue) wash. (I'm upset...
  5. AshleyEileen

    Fatty Friendly Amusement Parks

    (I didn't see a thread like this so let me know if I missed it.) I was talking to another plus sized friend and told her she should come visit here in Pittsburgh. I told her we could go to Kennywood, a local amusement park, and she said she was too big to ride anything. She's a size 24. I...
  6. AshleyEileen

    LB: Right Fit Straight Leg

    You heard right! Lane Bryant just released straight leg denim in the Right Fits. I'm so stoked! I can't wait to give them a try. Link!
  7. AshleyEileen

    Free Orange Julius!

    It's true. On June 19th, you can get yourself a free 20oz Light Smoothie: Tropical Sunlight, Berry-Pom Twilight, or Strawberry Delight. You just have to print the coupon. =] Here's the link. I know everyone likes freebies.
  8. AshleyEileen

    Pugs or GTFO

    Let the pug posting commence.
  9. AshleyEileen

    Jen Kober

    Oh, this made my day!
  10. AshleyEileen

    Promise Ring

    My boyfriend wants to get me a promise ring (we don't have the money for engagement yet) for our two year anniversary/Valentine's day. I was just looking at Jared's site and was very displeased. Every ring that I looked at came in a standard size of 6.75 and any other size up to an 8.5 cost...
  11. AshleyEileen


    The heavens have given us an early Christmas gift. BACONAISE! And, it can be purchased here.
  12. AshleyEileen

    Omaha Steaks

    Has anyone bought from Omaha Steaks? What's good? What isn't? I just got a job there and I'm stoked! Minimum wage is only $7.15 here and I'm going to be making about $10 an hour doing almost nothing. ahaha Plus, I get a great discount!
  13. AshleyEileen

    Bizarre Foods

    I love Andrew Zimmern's show Bizarre Foods. There are many things I would try and many that make me nauseous. Who else loves this show? Or, what's the most bizarre food you've eaten? :eat2:
  14. AshleyEileen

    New Lane Bryant Coupons

    I've heard from many people, including customers, that the Lane Bryant coupons had too many restrictions. Recently LB changed the coupons. They're now good on everything but Spanx. (Spanx are a third party product) I know right now there's the standard $25 off $75, $50 off $150, or $75 off...
  15. AshleyEileen

    Fashion Bug Sale!

    I know a lot of you like Fashion Bug, although I personally never find anything there. There's a BOGO $0.99 sale starting tomorrow. Same restrictions as always.
  16. AshleyEileen

    Acrylic Nails

    Do any of you have acrylic nails? What do you usually get done? Do you have any problems with them?
  17. AshleyEileen

    Primanti's Sandwich

    Primanti's is a Pittsburgh landmark. Its signature items are its sandwiches, which consists of grilled meat, a vinegar-based cole slaw, tomato slices, and French fries between two pieces of Italian bread. Have you eaten there? What's your favorite? If you haven't, how's it...
  18. AshleyEileen

    Lane Bryant Right Fit

    I love the demin! Have you tried it? How about the Wear to Work pants? What's your size?