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  1. 600Bill

    Big and fat at 380 and loving my size

    I have been eating and gaining. Finally made it to 380. Looking forward to holidays and vacation trips to keep the trend going higher. I was at 350 in early October. New wardrobe required - 64” waist pants and 5XL shirts with 6XL underwear. My sitting waist is close to 68”. When walking...
  2. 600Bill

    Gaining over the holidays

    As part of getting my left knee replaced I lost weight down to 320 - about 60 pounds since beginning of year. Then I entered Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays at 333. Back hone now from holidays at 357 and headed the direction I want. I had to add to wardrobe with 60 inch waist and 4XL...
  3. 600Bill

    Vacation gaining

    My wife and I are spending time in Texas for 10 days eating and drinking. Every day my belly feels larger.
  4. 600Bill

    Gaining back my weight - goal at leat 400

    From 2004 until 2011, I gained a lot of weight - from 250 to just over 400 pounds. I have always loved being very very fat. I took off some weight from walking and managed to get down to 280 or so as of the end of last June. Then I found myself eating more and more and loving it. As of the...