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  1. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    What's Your BBW Fantasy?

    A man who actually likes me, thinks I'm a person (not a slump buster or someone to use), finds me somewhat attractive, can read and write, is willing to take me out in public, has a job, a car and own place, won't let others make fun of me, lets me at least meet his parents, doesn't abuse or...
  2. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    What keeps you Motivated to Exercise?

    The fact that my health will suffer greatly if I don't.
  3. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    FA Myths Thread #11

    Okay, but they also usually don't go for Gabourey Sidibe either. Sorry, but maybe like 1 out of 1,000 men is a chubby chaser, but the rest are just settling. Sad but true, and that is why I don't even get attracted to anyone anymore. Why bother with it when there aren't enough potential dates to...
  4. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    FA Myths Thread #11

    I really think that FAs' lack of social contact because of the autism thing is what leads them to date and/or approach fat women or fat men because the fat person is more likely to not have much experience in the arena of dating experience, so they don't know that the person's inappropriateness...
  5. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    What Do YOU Do To Feel Pretty?

    Nothing. I am not the sum of my parts, I am a whole person. We put too much emphasis on being pretty and/or sexy just like our skinny sisters. Anyone wanna know what I do to feel good though? I feed the hungry and I spend time playing outside with my neighbors' kids and grandchildren or go to a...
  6. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Debra Perkins (Teighlor) Passed on 21 July 2011

    OMG. She was really a beautiful lady and very sexy. She will be missed.
  7. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Dating non FA's. Yay or Nay? (BBW input only please)

    I don't get hit on any guy worth even schtupping, probably because I'm one of those"take no shit" so-called "masculine headbanger chicks" and nothing in my wardrobe is twee or cute or even sexy. I mean, I have been hit on by creepy bus guys on my way to school (I especially loved the homeless...
  8. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Fat joke come backs

    I just turn around and ask if it was directed at me. No one's had the balls to say that it was yet.
  9. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Fat chicks: a magnet for creeps?

    Sadly enough, many times it IS a joke when guys hit on us or they're looking for sex, money, or a place to flop at. So if your friends ARE sincere, they may have to understand why we're so skittish everytime men even say "boo" to us. And maybe having a woman hang out with them when they're...
  10. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Fat chicks: a magnet for creeps?

    And he's still your friend? He would have been gone the first time he spoke that way to me or around me. I have enough fat-girl drama. I don't need anyone else's thanks.
  11. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Fat chicks: a magnet for creeps?

    I'm no limping gazelle. I'm the dragon that will set their ass on fire for being a douchetard.
  12. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Fat joke come backs

    "Really? I didn't know that!" "That's not what you said last night." "Wow, and here I thought cavemen had evolved!" "Your dad likes it." "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" "Thank you, but I'm not interested in pigs." "Take a picture, it lasts longer!" "Was THAT...
  13. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Post pics of your pets!!

    We are SI-A-MEEZE if you please.
  14. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Why do guys choose to date thin(ner) women and then complain about it?

    I don't even think about it anymore. I have gained weight since my kidney transplant and am once again a small BBW. The male interest has disappeared and at this point, who gives a shit? If these guys want to stay in the closet, fine. It's not like I even want to date anymore after my breakup...
  15. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    what do FFAs like about fat men?

    What don't I like about fat men? I love their: bellies thighs fat arms backfat moobs legs chubby hands chubby butts chubby cheeks I guess I just like fat guys!
  16. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    A: A light-up, talking Pikachu doll. Question: Do you like Justin Bieber?
  17. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Name a TV Series From the Last Letter

    Ed........ D
  18. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    What do you like about the previous poster? PART 2!

    Thanks Weirdo! BHMS are so hot!!!
  19. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Dance Your A$$ Off Host Being Replaced By...

    A fashion model-sized host...Yeah, that will motivate all the big girls on the show. Look for a cancellation soon.
  20. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Name a TV Series From the Last Letter

    Double Dare E