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  1. GPL

    Does anyone of you know whatever happened to...

    ..Rebecca??? She hasn't been around for a while, said goodbye before and her weblog isn't working anymore. Last I know was she was dieting... Any friends of her here who know more of her? Tell her we miss her! Thanks, GPL.
  2. GPL

    Today is the big day for Bigbellyssbbw and Mike

    They are gonna marry today!!! I think they are the cutest couple. Hope they have a most wonderful life together in the future. Donni and Mike, I wanna wish you much luck and of course my congrats on the wedding!:) Have a wonderful party and show us some pics;) ... lol Hugs, GPL.
  3. GPL

    Found a nice video on YouTube

    This video shows a lovely bbw, with some really nice curves: GPL.
  4. GPL

    Kelly Osbourne too big for Playboy???

    Hugh Hefner said 'no' to Kelly Osbourne when she wanted to show her body in Playboy, after her "chocolate diet"! He said it would take too much Photoshopping to publish her pics...:mad: Kelly; what about Bodacious Magazine??:batting...
  5. GPL

    Opposite New Years Resolution...

    Most people decide to loose weight in the new year. How many of you decided to gain weight in 2007?:D lol Maybe I will myself, but just a few pounds..., hehe:-) GPL.
  6. GPL

    The sight of too tight clothes...

    I love to watch a girl wearing (way) too tight jeans and a tight shirt. I think a girl wearing too tight clothes looks sexy and shows a recent gain or self confidence. The seams almost ripping, the rolls flowing over the waistband, rolls showing through the outstreched shirt... Do you girls...
  7. GPL

    BBW Model Contest in the Uk

    Hope this hasn't been posted here earlier. I found these links on a German Fat Acceptance Forum. I think Charlotte is a very gorgeous woman and a real inspiration for other BBW's with her spontanity and happiness. Her smile is beyond amazing! Please check these links out...
  8. GPL

    "Being Fat - Angry!!

    I don't know if this has been posted somewhere here already, but I found this pretty BBW chick talking about how she feels about other people attack big people and the way she thinks about it: Please also check out this reply...
  9. GPL

    Does anybody know...

    ... Where Miss Scandinavia hangs out??? She hasn't posted since the 7th of April and I'm starting to miss her! Thank you, GPL.
  10. GPL


    Does anyone know what ever happened with Valerie? She used to be on the old forums, but I can't find her anymore. Hope she is doing fine... GPL.
  11. GPL

    Fattest woman in Texas

    Here's a link to "The fattest woman in Texas", found on a German Fat Acceptance site: Hope you enjoy, or whatever. Please read the crap in the replies under the little videoclip. Greets, GPL.
  12. GPL


    Lyrics with fat/eating content; Queen: "Keep yourself alive" from the album 'Queen'. "Well I've loved a million women in a beladonic haze And I ate a million dinners brought to me on silver trays Give me everything I need to feed my body and my soul And I'll grow a little bigger maybe...