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  1. Lil BigginZ

    The Snack exchange!

    So I was thinking since we seem to have a lot of activity going on in the BHM/FFA section that we do some kind of fun gift exchange. We have people all over the world on this site and it'll be cool to try some snacks from a different area. I'm talking candy, sodas, chips, or whatever other kinds...
  2. Lil BigginZ

    What video game title describes your sex life?

    So lets hear them... I'll start it off. Tongue of the fatman or Spanky's Quest Both work just fine lol.
  3. Lil BigginZ

    Dat .gif!

    Besides my obsession with bacon & zombies I really fucking love .gif files. I propose this be the thread to post funny, weird, crazy and any other kind of .gifs here. Help feed my obsession... I'll start it off (Shitty computers beware)
  4. Lil BigginZ

    It's Friday the 13th...

    So Dims, I ask you this question. Which mask was your favorite?
  5. Lil BigginZ

    What makes you nerd rage thread?

    We have threads for happiness, unhappiness, random confessions, blah blah blah. It's time we have a what makes you nerd rage. So I ask you BHM/FFA's, what makes you nerd rage? I'll start it off.... Smart phones, retarded batteries, I nerd rage to the max with that shit.
  6. Lil BigginZ

    Post Your Desktop!

    what kind of community forums is this when there isn't a post your desktop thread. smh i'll start it off...
  7. Lil BigginZ

    davids doodle...

    another boredom killer thread. :D so what is david drawing?:confused:
  8. Lil BigginZ

    dinner with 7...

    1. george carlin 2. kevin smith 3. seth rogan 4. penn jillette 5. kurt cobain 6. will ferrell 7. marilyn manson
  9. Lil BigginZ

    candy bar challenge

    let's see who knows their candy bars from the view of the insides :) my guess from left to right... top row: whatamacallit snickers butterfinger n/a second row: n/a (i know what this is but forget the name) n/a n/a (i'm thinking maybe baby ruth) n/a third row: almond...
  10. Lil BigginZ

    fat friendly in amsterdam

    i wanna go to amsterdam but was wondering if anybody has gone there and is there any fat friendly places? or how fat friendly is it there? just curious 10 year anniversary is coming up and was planning to go somewhere. amsterdam or vegas lol:)
  11. Lil BigginZ

    fat people vs little kids

    now i know i can't be the only fat person that this happens to although it could be the fact that i have a green mohawk and tattoos and piercings. i find it a lot of times when i'm out and about in a store or something like that. i always come across little kids who just stop and stare at you...