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  1. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    R.I.P Ronnie James Dio!!

    I don't know if anyone here has heard, but metal legend Ronnie James Diio passed away yesterday at 7:45 A.M. from a long battle with stomach cancer. He was 67. For more info, please go to
  2. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Who here would like to see more of The Marshmallow Dragon?

    Please post, he wants feedback!
  3. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Post pics of your pets!!

    This is my sweet little Crowntail betta, Dragon: You guys next!
  4. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    The Marshmallow Dragon: Exposed!!!

    Here are some belly and moob pics of my BHM, The Marshmallow Dragon himself! This is his first time doing this, so please be kind. (I know you ladies will....:eat2: :smitten:) If you ladies like it,there will be more!!!
  5. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Giving away 15 pairs of 2007 fall line size 18 Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten Jeans

    Hi ladies, As I have stated before, I am losing weight for health-related reasons and I have to get rid of 15 pairs of size 18 SJP Bitten low-rise jeans due to the fact that they are now falling down my (non-existant) rear end. As I wore some of these jeans (and they are very nice on a...
  6. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    What were they thinking?? (Lane Bryant)

    My husband and I were on the Lane Bryant (Lame Giant to those who've expressed dissatisfaction with their clothes) site out of curiosity (I used to shop there and hated the frumpy weird clothes they tend to carry,am now too small to do so any longer) and saw these awful shirts that will probably...
  7. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Lonely FFA needs advice on meeting BHMs

    Hi, my name is Chandi and I am an FFA with an avowed love of Big Handsome Men. I do not hide the fact that I prefer big men, to anyone ever. I am reasonably attractive, clean and generous towards BHMs that I date, but here's my problem: Everytime I see a cute fat guy or talk to one, I always...
  8. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Low-Rise Jeans (for under $20) Up To a 50" Waist at Wal-Mart

    My BHM boyfriend bought these, and they are supposed to be for men, but I believe that they will look good on all you lovely BBWs as well! While I do prefer seeing BHMs in them. I know you gals are always in search of fashionable jeans and I jjust thought I'd give you a heads-up!
  9. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Need to find affordable, stylish clothing stores for BHM boyfriend...PLEASE HELP!

    As you all may or may not know, I am an FFA who is dating a gorgeous 19 year old BHM (waist 56", inseam 29") who is one having one hell of a time finding nice clothes in his size that appeals to his interests. It seems as though retailers think any man over a size 48 waist has no taste and is...
  10. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    Which famous man (or men) would you like to fatten?

    In response to the thread over on the main Dims board, now it's the ladies' turn! Soooo, which famous man/men would you like to fatten? My votes: Helloween guitarist Sascha Gerstner Hatebreed vocalist/former MTV VJ Jamey Jasta HammerFall vocalist Joacim Cans...
  11. Power_Metal_Kitsune

    If I was this ignorant, I'd shoot myself in the head...

    www dot Enough said.