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  1. supersizebbw

    Migraines (pre-menstrual or menstrual)

    For the past year or so i've been getting REALLY BAD migraines that last for at least 2 days everytime, and no amount of painkillers i take can get rid of the migraines. They are usually accompanied by severe nausea, light makes it worse and i always just want to lock myself in a dark room the...
  2. supersizebbw

    I had a crappy day and just wanted to talk about it

    i hope this is the appropriate place to put this.... so today i had been feeling abit ill all day so decided to go for a stroll in the park that's near my place and get some fresh air, the sun had just began to set at the time. so after feeling abit better from breathing in some fresh air...
  3. supersizebbw

    UK ladies where do you do your shopping?

    Hello ladies, I'm still kinda new here so my apologies in case there's already a similar thread. I've noticed that pretty much almost all the threads on here with links to lovely clothes/clothing websites are all US my question is, other than the one and only plus size store i know...