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    BBW Story Prompts

    Now, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. If it needs moving, I'm sure an admin can move it. But it is a tradition on many writing websites that I think could do well here, too. Some people have a lot of ideas for cool or fun stories, (good plots, interesting characters, or...
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    69-word weight gain erotica... for readers with ADD!

    50kg Cassie was the cute, thin woman I met first. 100kg Cassie was the sexy, thicc friend I asked out. 200kg Cassie was the unbelievably hot SSBBW I married. 400kg Cassie is the wonderful whale of a woman I live with, who gorges constantly to grow more and doesn't even bother getting out of...
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    69-word weight gain erotica... for readers with ADD!

    When Debbie decided to get fat, it hadn't been for sex. It hadn't been a fetish or a seduction. She just loved food and she hated working out, so she decided to start eating, and stop exercising, and let it happen. When she filmed herself gorging and growing, it was just about making money. But...
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    69-word weight gain erotica... for readers with ADD!

    (I'm super-gay, so I've never actually written "straight" erotica, with penises involved. Hopefully, this still makes sense?) She sucked his cock till it pulsed with cum into her mouth. So much cum. He'd explained, he was cursed: his climax would always fill his lover, to their limit. She felt...
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    69-word weight gain erotica... for readers with ADD!

    When we met, she was just my new thin friend. By the time we started dating, she was now my chubby buddy. After a year of dating, she was my fat girlfriend and I admitted that I loved it. Just three years in, 'obese lover' became 'morbidly obese fiance'. After the fantastically fattening...
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    69-word weight gain erotica... for readers with ADD!

    "Rachel, I'm thinking pizza again?" Monica called to her friend. "Alright, but I don't think the triple is really enough, is it?" Rachel was pinned to the bed in the lounge by her own weight. She'd moved in thin, but years of comfort eating Monica's cooking after her divorce left extremely...
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    69-word weight gain erotica... for readers with ADD!

    "We want her out of the picture," they had said. "Whatever it takes," Bond 'agreed'. <><><> "You know I could never go back to Spectre like this," she pouted lips that were fuller than ever. "That's the idea," Bond confirmed. Then, gently holding the four hundred pounds of fat he'd seduced...
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    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Hey guys! Sorry, I did not see this thread! I just sort of jumped right in on things. My nom-de-plume is 'FattenUpForMe', because that's what all my main characters (or their spouses, or both) do eventually! I write a little, I watch and read and look at and listen to any weight gain and...
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    Weight limits

    I have to admit, I'm a little bit obsessed with absolute consent. I totally need to have my wife reassure me at all times that, yes, whatever it is we are doing that I'm enjoying is ay-okay with her, maybe even if it was her who requested that we do it. From sex, to inviting her fat phobic (and...
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    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    Just Shoot Me "Dial N For Murder" The A-plot is an elderly woman dating Finch, the assistant, and him being torn between enjoying it and being horrified by it. The way more interesting B-plot is the usual main character, fashion magazine jounalist Mina, realises that her 1 episode love...
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    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    When you pay way too much for a "Complete Collection" DVD set of a tv show you don't really watch (Just Shoot Me), plus a huge import fee, despite not even having a DVD player that works for DVDs from that region, just so you feel less guilty about illegally downloading the episode about the...
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    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    When your then bride-to-be ordered two wedding cakes: one for everybody to share at the wedding (although I slipped my slice onto her plate because I am a sneaky cake ninja) and another for the two of you to "enjoy" on the honeymoon [by which she naturally meant that she would enjoy eating cake...