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  1. imaginarydiva21

    post a pic of......

    OK so i had a an idea for game the person above says what they want to see and then the person who reply's has to a post a pic of that..... OK:bounce: so i will start a easy one .... i want to see a cat in a Christmas hat
  2. imaginarydiva21

    Burlesque.... (uk)

    Hey i couldn't find another thread about this im going to a hen party and the theme is burlesque i really wanna get some of those frilly knickers does anybody know where i can get some in a size 26/28 ?? also anybody got any links for nice corsets etc it would be a great help... :cool:
  3. imaginarydiva21

    GYM Playlist

    Hey could'nt find a post about this so thought i would start one what type of music really gets you motivated whilst exercising?????????? i have been going to the gym just over a month now and just used music on my phone which varies but i know i need to make a playlist.... im thinking...