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  1. Zagnut

    Hello all, I'm new... It's old, but it should help. Good luck!
  2. Zagnut

    the term FFA?

    First off, hello everyone! I've never much cared for the terms fat admirer and female fat admirer. As a big man I don't want to be admired, I want to be loved, found attractive and seen as more that just my girth. I do realize that these terms may be more accurate to many men who tend to be...
  3. Zagnut

    pics of the girls

    Lovely ladies as always!
  4. Zagnut

    NON Anonymous Crush Thread-Fess Up People :p

    Wow, thank you! Actually, I am part Dutch, but not a whole lot!
  5. Zagnut

    Where are the Skinny FFAs at?

    What I don't get is any negativity, by bigger men, directed toward a woman that professes attraction toward bigger men, regardless of her size. Frankly, had it not been for the supportive words of women, many quite thin, on this board, I doubt I would have ever clawed my way up from the dark...
  6. Zagnut

    FFA Dating Guide

    This post is a companion to my BHM Dating guide posts, and shares the same disclaimers: The...
  7. Zagnut

    Dominant or Submissive?

    Well said. It's always surprised me just how much control the submissive partner actually has over the dominant. D/s relationships are highly misunderstood and are definitely not for everyone. So many people seem to think they are endemic of dysfunctional people, much the same way many...
  8. Zagnut

    BHM Dating Guide (Part 2 of 3)

    Well in that case I should have it up sometime tomorrow, with any luck. My apologies to you, EvaDestruction!
  9. Zagnut

    I'm interested...

    As a BHM, I've always loved dancing. When I was younger (and still very much a BHM) I was approached a couple times to be a backup dancer in some music videos (no joke), though I never did one. I still enjoy getting out there and breaking a sweat. I've never tried this group, but I think it...
  10. Zagnut

    Dominant or Submissive?

    It took me a long time to become dominant as a bigger man, as it really seems that so many try to almost coerce big guys into submissiveness. Terms like baby huey, cuddly, teddy bear and such that are often applied seem to serve to feminize big men even more. I remember great apprehension...
  11. Zagnut

    Dominant or Submissive?

    I honestly suspected that most BHMs would tend to take a more submissive role. I'm going to make an educated guess that BHMs who are inclined to be more dominant would likely attract more women who aren't specifically FFA. What do you think? Oh, on the lurking thing, it probably won't be...
  12. Zagnut

    Dominant or Submissive?

    One last thread before I again drift off into lurker-ville ... This isn't necessarily a BDSM related inquiry, but what do you personally see as more the norm in BHM/FFA relationships in regards to dominant and submissive partners? I was thinking about this earlier while reading other...
  13. Zagnut

    Okay it's a touchy and possibly controversial subject...

    I've actually seen only occasional online sites for videos of this kind. There is one specific video I know of: (NSFW) I haven't see this film, and I have no idea if it's any good. For the most part, they tend to fit into one of two...
  14. Zagnut

    FFAs and nerd - lovers--why the correlation?

    Hear hear! Most people would think that I, as a BHM, live a miserable life and that I hate myself and am an emotionally damaged loser. In fact, I am a somewhat geeky hedonist that enjoys the hell out of life. I could easily get into more geeky and nerdy pursuits, but I don't have enough...
  15. Zagnut

    FFAs and nerd - lovers--why the correlation?

    The video is an absolute riot!
  16. Zagnut


    Heh, that's very cool. I'm not really into "sharp" as much as say floggers, canes, paddles and all sorts of clamping and binding goodies. I like the visuals of them, though nothing quite like a pinup of a lovely lady with a nice and shiny sword! Hmm, I wonder if we're scaring anyone yet?
  17. Zagnut


    I have an entire chest of drawers filled with implements of doom, including a rather mean riding crop, so if there are any problems with harrassing Jude, allow me to be the fourth to holster my riding crop! All kidding aside, I'm a BHM that was previously "driven" away by harassment as you...
  18. Zagnut

    In defense of FFAs -- waif to SSBBW

    Wow, thank you. I've spent a good deal of time blogging and such over the years, and I try to make sure my posts are easy to follow and understand. I tend to post in a more conversational manner, thus all the parenthetical clauses, so punctuation is quite critical. However, I do make some...
  19. Zagnut

    BHM Dating Guide (Part 2 of 3)

    I asked if anyone would be interested in me posting a guide for FFAs to help them be able to find and attract receptive BHMs, as a companion to my BHM guides. I don't understand if your "quote" was a yes to that idea or some joke that I was missing.
  20. Zagnut

    BHM Dating Guide (Part 2 of 3)

    Um, I beg your pardon?